Senior Iraqi MP calls MKO members “illegal immigrants”

Members of the MKO group were entered Iraqi soil illegally, so they have no choice but to obey the law, says the leadership of the coalition of state law and member of the Iraqi parliamentary Security and Defense Commission.

According to Habilian Foundation website, Abbas al-Bayati told a press conference in Iraq that some European countries have expressed readiness to accept MKO members, adding, “What is important to us is an informal and illegal entry of a group of people into the country (Iraq).”

He added that Iraq does not recognize them (MKO members) as refugees.

Al-Bayati described MKO’s garrisons in Iraq as “transit camps,” reiterating that “these members of the MKO group will be treated just like how foreign nationals are treated in European countries.”

To date, roughly two-thirds of the group members have been transferred from Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty, based on a Memorandum of Understanding brokered by the UN and the US with the Iraqi government.