Habilian sets up Iran's biggest anti-terrorism permanant exhibition

As a result of Habilian Foundation’s efforts, Iran’s first and biggest counter-terrorism permanent exhibition was held in Mashhad.

Appreciating Habilian’s efforts in setting up the country’s first and largest counter-terrorism permanent exhibition, Mahmoud Salahi, governor of Khorasan Razavi Province, said efforts of the Families of Iranian Terror Victims in holding such an exhibition is “praiseworthy and worthy of attention”.

Salahi went on to say that all the goals of enemies have been put together in Habilian’s exhibition, adding “whoever sees the posters, finds out a direction showing that enemies of Islam have had hostility with Islam from the very beginning.”

“Religious insight is fruit of (Islamic) Revolution,” he added.

He called on all sections of society to pay a visit to the Great Basirat Exhibition and said that everybody should consider himself in need of knowledge about the Arrogant and inimical currents.

Another speaker at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Habilian Foundation S.G. Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad, said the exhibition is open to the public for increasing insight of all sections of society into tricks of seditionists and arrogant groups as well as the Hypocrites (MKO).

This exhibition presents 180 posters regarding the Seditionists, remarks of the Supreme Leader on the importance of having insight, and the wayward sect of Baha’i and Hujatieh’s link with the Seditionists.

Internal relations and human rights violations within the cult of Mujahedin-e Khalq, their siding with former Iraqi Ba’ath regime, and their alignment with the Seditionists (during the 2009 post-election unrests), are other parts of the exhibition, said son of late Hasheminejad.

Warning against hypocrites’ power of infiltration, seyyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad said they should never be neglected.