Kurd politician: "It is impossible for MKO to relocate to Iraqi Kurdistan"

Iraqi Kurd politician: “Mujahedin e-Khalq organization is a terrorist group and no Kurdish groups are interested in MKO to remain in Iraqi soil.”

In an interview with Habilian, Leader of Mustaqbal party of Iraqi Kurdistan said: “MKO is a terrorist group which is not only the enemy of Iranian nation but also a hostile to Iraqi people and especially the Kurds. Furthermore, they have had a direct impact on suppression of our people in Saddam’s time.”


Demanding MKO’s expulsion from Iraq, he also pointed out that the MKO is supported by foreign powers and their existence is a crisis for Iraq. “As you know the relations between Iran and Iraq are friendly and at the same time strategic and we don’t want these relations to be damaged due to MKO’s existence in Iraq.” Qadir Aziz reiterated.

Referring to some Iraqi politicians’ support of MKO he included: “Everybody knows it is because of hostility to Iran that these sides are supporting the terrorist group.”

Disclaiming rumors regarding possibility of MKO’s relocation to Iraqi Kurdistan, Aziz added: “This grouplet is against the Kurds and helped Saddam in suppression of our uprising. So all the Kurdish sides are against their existence in Iraqi Kurdistan.”