'No neighboring country expressed willingness to accept MKO'

“As the Camp Ashraf closure and MKO relocation draws near, the United Nations is becoming more concerned about MKO’s resettlement and asylum seeking process”, Habilian Secretary General sayyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad told Khorasan daily.

“This is why Americans in a statement have called on several countries to accept MKO in their countries,” Hasheminejad added. “However, so far no country has welcomed MKO into their countries.”

He added that the reports regarding their resettlement in different countries come at a time when no country has expressed, at least formally, their wish to MKO’s presence in their countries due to (this group’s) nature and record.

“In other words, we are dealing with people who have been defected from their group and they are individual asylum seekers.”

Regarding the recent reports about MKO’s possible resettlement in Azerbaijan Habilian Foundation S.G. said, “Till now Azerbaijan has not showed a reaction to this,” adding, “this is also possible that Zionists are after undermining the relations between Iran and other countries, especially Azerbaijan Republic.”

He emphasized that the accepting of MKO cannot be hidden, since their transfer should be done formally by the U.N. However if this is true, Iran will seriously react to it.