'MKO to use Paris for their cultic objectives'

A number of former veterans of Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization sent a letter to France's new president-elect, Francois Hollande, informing him of cult-like nature of the terrorist group as well as its purpose for using France "specially Paris for their cultic objectives like they did in Iraq."

The congratulation of Yaran Association to the President of France Mr. François Hollande

Mr. President,

First of all , we would like to submit to you our sincere congratulations for your victory in French presidential election. We are a group of veteran members of people’s mujahedin organization(pmoi, Mko, MEK, Rajavi’s cult) whom each one of us had been member of Rajavi’s cult for 15-20 years and during all those years we had been living in different pmoi garrisons in the condition much worse than a captive in the captivity. When we say in the condition much worse than a captive ,it is a truth because if a captive has a right to get in touch with his or her family through ICRC ( International Committee of the Red Cross ) but inside pmoi this right has been ignored by the leaders of this cult and the cult members have been deprived of this fundamental right to get in touch with their families . The leaders of this cult had deprived us of having access to the free world , unfortunately this misery has been still continuing in Ashraf camp.

Mr. President,

During Saddam Hussein’s time , any member of this cult who had slightest dissension with the cult spiritual leader (Rajavi) he was tortured right away and then he was sent to the notorious prison in Iraq , Abu ghraib . There are many people who were sent to the Abu ghraib prison by the direct order of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi just for their dissension with Rajavi.

The stranded members of this cult can not decide and think about their life path and their future because they have to obey whatever the cult leaders order them to do as a result of that many of those members have got psychological disorders.

Rajavi ( Massoud and Maryam) organized the brain washing sessions (Ideological sessions) which usually lasted for 15 days which is lengthy discussion that needs hours of discussion to reveal its destructive effects.

Mr. President , you are surely informed that the families of those stranded members have been in Sit- In more than two years to see their loved ones behind the gates of the new Iraq garrison ( Ashraf camp). They want to see their loved ones , some of those stranded members have not seen their families since 25 years ago and Rajavi’s cult and its leaders has not allowed them to meet their loved ones .

According to the concrete facts mentioned above you can find out more about the real essence and the content of this dangerous cult . This cult has not been approved by anyone so they are not the Iranian people’s representative by no means.

Mr. President , we do not know what is the connection between the French election and your victory with the people in Liberty camp where Rajavi’s cult organized a celebration for your victory . we believe that the leaders of pmoi with this trick and deception and imposture, intend to pave their way in France and use your country specially Paris for their cultic objectives like they did in Iraq , thus you as the President of France should think about the interests of your people and your government because this organization or this cult from the day first has established its foundation upon terror and violence which one of those violent acts was the self-immolations of pmoi members on 17 June 2003 in Paris.

We ,as the former members of this cult urge you ,as the French elected president forbid their activities on French soil.

With the best regards

Yaran Association