Ex-MKO member: "The cult leaders are buying time to postpone Rajavi's trial"

A defected member of terrorist Mujahedin e-Khalq organization writes an open letter to Secretary General of United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, expressing his concern about the MKO's leadership terminating the peaceful process of relocating Camp Ahraf captives to Camp Liberty.

According to Habilian, in a letter published by Iran-Ghalam Association, a former member of MKO asked the Secretary General of United Nations to pay no attention to Rajavi's games and urged all the international organizations to bring the terrorist cult's leaders to justice. 

"Honorable and distinguished Secretary General of United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki moon


We are observing that the imposture and deceptions of the leadership of mujahedin’s cult( PMOI, MKO, MEK, Rajavi’s cult) for more bloodshed and killing of those captives in Ashraf has entered to the new phase and this time with new tricks they are trying their best to obstruct in the peaceful leaving process of those stranded captives from Iraq because according to Rajavi’s speech ¨ PMOI file should be terminated and closed in Iraq so if we are asked and inquired tomorrow , we respond proudly that we tried but we failed.¨ Yes this is exactly the mujahedin’s cult leaders tricks and tactics which this time with utilizing the nonsense and undermining of the Iraqi government and attributing Mr. Maliki to Iran , intend to prove and substantiate the Massoud Rajavi’s point and they pretend that the people are staying in Ashraf garrison and liberty camp with their own wishes and desires and they do not want to separate ,but the truth is except few people whose hands are smeared with blood of Iraqi people and the Iranian youth , no one wants to stay in the hellhole which is made by Rajavi even for a moment.

The leadership of this cult pretend that as if the captives want to stay in that hellhole , but I say no, the leaders and the operatives and killers in this cult want it .

Yours Excellency Mr. Ban Ki moon

I ,as a former member of this cult, who has experienced all the pains and hardships and tortures in this terrorist organization with my own flesh and blood and skin , would like to warn you about Rajavi’s danger which threatens the life and the destiny of those victims because the leadership of PMOI with flippancy and deception of the international organizations want to gain the following objectives:

Buying time for continuing the terrors

Killing of captives and the dissidents in both camps Ashraf and Liberty

Ruining the prestige of Iraq and its government

Ignoring of killing innocent people , because the leaders of PMOI after this relocation should respond to Iranian and Iraqi people as well as Kurds that why did they kill too many people?

Buying time because maybe they can postpone Rajavi’s trial even for few days and their intention is to rescue Rajavi from Justice.

I urge all international organizations and yours Excellency that do not pay attention to all those nonsense and absurd which are made and produced by the terrorist cult leaders and instead, bring them to Justice because the killers and cutthroats can not escape from Justice.

Honorable Mr. Ban Ki moon

Is not it an interference in a government affairs ? is not it a crime to attribute a prime minister of a country to another country ? should those killers and cutthroats interferer in the country affairs which they live in as guests ? so pay attention to all impostures and deceptions which this cult and its leaders utilize for keeping their dirty benefits and interests .

Yes , all those nonsense and absurd which the cult is saying are all lies for their own personal benefits because this relocation does not have anything to do with Iran or no-one else because either Iraqi government or Iraqi people have been suffering from the presence of this cancer tumor (PMOI) in Iraq and they want the expulsion of this cult from their soil.


Homayoon Kohzadi

09-05-2012/ Paris"