Ex-MKO member: MKO disposed to collude with the Devil

A recently defected member of terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization in Bremen, Germany describes the notorious cult as an “anti-religion and anti-humanity group.”

Describing the vicious aspect of the cult maembers, the former MKO member, living in Germany, says that during one of the meetings of the terrorist group a senior member declared that “we are ready to collude with the Devil” to overthrow the Iranian regime, Habilian reported.

“There I understood that the Organization is merely trying to take power in Iran.”

“I am opposed to the Organization; it’s an anti-religion and anti-humanity organization,” he added. “I have been defected from the group to prevent the exploitation of other people who have been trapped like me.”

“I have seen many cases where MKO officials did not pray or said their prayers without performing ablution, although they pretended to be Muslim.”