‘Surrender sole option for MKO’

An Iranian lawmaker says members of the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) are left with no choice but to return to Iran and seek clemency.

“The MKO’s condition is that they can neither stay on Iraqi soil nor can they go to other countries,” Deputy Chairman of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Hossein Ebrahimi said Sunday.

“They (MKO members) are left with no option but to seek clemency from the Islamic Republic,” he added.

Ebrahimi said the only option the MKO has is returning to Iran and their families.

“These individuals must apologize to the Iranian nation, try and make up for the past and try to make up for the damages they have inflicted on the Iranian nation,” said the lawmaker.

The remarks follow a report that nearly 1,000 MKO members have expressed willingness to return to Iran and seek pardon.

The request comes as the fifth group of MKO terrorists was transferred to Camp Liberty near Baghdad Airport on May 4, the governor of the Iraqi city of Khalis, Oday al-Khedran, said.

Al-Khedran added that 416 MKO members, including 350 women, were moved from Camp New Iraq, formerly known as Camp Ashraf, to the new location.

The MKO fled to Iraq in 1986, where it enjoyed the support of Iraq's former dictator Saddam Hussein, and set up camp near the Iranian border.

The group is also known to have cooperated with Saddam in suppressing the 1991 uprisings in southern Iraq and carrying out the massacre of Iraqi Kurds. The group has carried out numerous acts of violence against Iranian civilians and government officials.