Fifth batch of MKO members expelled from Camp Ashraf

The fifth batch of Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorists were transferred to Camp Liberty which lies northeast of the Baghdad International Airport, YJC reported.

According to Habilian Foundation (families of Iranian terror victims), Uday Khadran, governor of Khalis, said that 416 MKO members, including 350 Monafeq (Hypocrite, MKO) women were expelled from Camp Ashraf.

The report adds that almost 1000 members of the terrorist group are willing to return to Iran and seek Islamic Republic's pardon.

During the previous transfers, Iraq has transferred roughly 1600 MKO terrorists from Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty in four groups of 400 each, on February 18, 8, March 20, and April 16.

The relocation is in line with the memorandum of understanding signed on 25th December 2012 between Iraq and United Nations to temporarily transfer them to a former US military base for the UNHCR to determine their refugee status.