Iraqi tribes renew calls to expel MKO terrorists

In a letter to the Iraqi Cabinet Secretariat, council of the Zolouieh tribe confirmed the Iraqi government's stance on Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorist group.

According to a Tuesday report published by Habilian database, the Association of Justice to Defend Iraqi Victims of MKO said that Sheikh Mash’an Shahab Ahmad al-Javari, head of the council, as well as some other tribal leaders signed the letter.

Endorsing Iraq’s decision to expel MKO terrorists from the country’s soil, the tribal leaders urged the international organizations to stand up for Iraq’s resolution on this issue.

To date, nearly 1200 members of the cult were transfered to Camp Liberty which lies northeast of Baghdad International Airport, in three groups of 400 each, February 18, 8, and March 20.