Another MKO member escapes the cult

Last week and in the process of MKO members’ expulsion from Camp Ashraf, one of the captives of the cult managed to escape and announced his separation from the cult.

According to Habilian database, even though Rajavi has selected 397 most adherents of the Ashraf residents for the first stage of their expulsion from Iraq, one of the captives of the terrorist cult whose 10 best years of his life were ruined in the cult managed to became estranged from the terrorist organization.

The latest defected member of Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorist organization who is now in Baghdad wrote a brief note announcing his separation from the Mujahedin-e Khalq:

I hereby announce my separation from the cult of Rajavi. I am extremely happy and I thank God that I could obtain my freedom. I did not even have the right of free-thinking and I was under the constant pressure and mental torture.

Now I feel the love of life’s revival inside of me which was dead for 10 years, and I feel great satisfaction of this.

Hundreds of MKO members have so far left the cult and almost all of them confirmed that they were living in dire conditions and were deprived of their basic rights.