Iraq calls on EU countries to facilitate harboring MKO members

Iraq's Human Rights Minister Mohammed Shyaa called on EU countries to facilitate harboring Iranian Mujahedin-e Khalq members.

According to a statement by the Ministry today: "Shyaa met ambassador of the European Union in Baghdad, Ms. Jana Hapaschkova who praised the effort made by the Ministry of Human Rights in transferring hundred of members of the Iranian (PMOI) from / Camp Ashraf l in Diyala province to / Camp Liberty / near Baghdad international airport.

From another hand and in response to a question by the Ambassador about the of the death penalty, Shyaa said the sentences issued after taking into account accuracy of the legal proceedings that accompanied proving the sentences, explaining that "all the death sentences issued against those convicted of crimes of mass murder and crimes of prejudice to national security and peace.

Three hundred and ninety seven MKO members on Friday started relocating from Camp Ashraf, north of Baghdad, to a temporary home near the Iraqi capital’s international airport.

The United Nations has welcomed safe relocation of about 400 residents of the Iraqi settlement formerly known as Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty, calling it “the first step towards a better future.”

Mr. Kobler commended Iraqi authorities “for having ensured a safe and secure relocation of the first group of residents. I urge them to pursue the relocation of the remaining residents in a manner that continues to guarantee the human rights, safety and welfare of all residents.”

Although the UN confirmed that the Camp meets all international standards, the Mujahedin-e Khalq is now hue and crying over the conditions at the Temporary Transit Location and not being allowed to carry their medicine, medical instruments, power generators, office facilities (chairs, desks and copy machines), water heaters, sanitary equipment, cupboards, etc. to the Temporary Transit Location!