Confessions of high ranking MKO terrorists (24)

Obviously, the only reason for the opposition of the hypocrites towards the plan for the division of schools into districts, was to protect their particular interests. 

Disregarding school regulations, like refusal to show identification cards:

In order to preserve the prestige of educational centers, and to keep the schools as centers of learning and discussion, and prevent every non student from entering schools and doing what he pleased, the Islamic Republic authorities made compulsory the showing of identification cards.

But this rule was contrary to the interests of the hypocrites. Why? Because they wanted their school agents and Organization authorities to have a free hand in visiting the school and directing activities close at hand and without any hindrance. So when they were faced with this rule, they ordered their student supporters to refuse to show their identity cards even if they had them on. This led to severe clashes in schools, proving that the hypocrites had no intentions to obey rules and respect the interests of other people and students, in spite of their claims to the contrary. A school is a place of learning, not a center for Americans and anti- revolutionaries. Schools lost their prestige and students' honor was blemished and questioned.

School authorities sent circulars stating that a 6 hours' inadmissible absence, would result in expulsion. But however a student could absent himself from school for six months in order to follow his group's duties, while at the same time claiming himself a student of that school.

It is the common policy of all regimes to safeguard the prestige of schools. In some cases, a student had 200 hours of absence and yet wanted to be admitted by force. The hypocrites wanted to have free access to schools to continue their work for the Organization.

The strict position of the school authorities resulted in clashes between the hypocrites and them. For example in four schools, namely the Kharazmi High School of Shemiran, Shari'ati High School, Javidan High School and Abu- Rayhan High School, severe clashes took place over this question. Was that criterion illogical, so as to justify the opposition of the hypocrites? The only reason behind all this was group and organizational interests. Indeed, had they observed the above regulations, their group's leaders would no longer have been able to direct the proceeding from inside the schools to promote conflicts.

Now look at the editorial of «The Generation of the Revolution» printed in connection to the question of absence in schools (Document No.11), and see how sly and demagogical it is, and what deceptive slogans they used to win over converts. I will read out a part of this editorial for you to clarify the matter. Concerning absence, it says: «Everyday, some of the instruction time is spent at the beginning of every class hour for roll- call to check attendance. You see that this is wrong, for roll- call prevents damage being done to the dignity of education.» It continues, «These practices and strict rules by which the schools try to compel students to attend classes prove the failure of the educational environment.»

Now the question arises: You who are not prepared to tolerate the least regulation and at the same time claim to have a revolutionary organization and to create unified relationships among yourselves, what right do you have to state that anyone who refuses to spend the nights in front of the embassy, will be expelled from the Organization? Why do you draw up rules for visiting firms and team houses etc.? Why after June5th (Khordad 30th) anyone found disobeying the security regulations was to be whipped, and individuals were generally confined within all kinds of organizational limitations? And yet you claim that the Islamic Republic has no right, in view of the pre- revolutionary conditions of the schools and the criteria dominating them, to draw up rules concerning class attendance and studies. All these pretexts, excuses, and empty slogans were to deceive and dishonor the educational centers. If anyone supposes that such deceits have a rightful origin, he must be a true simpleton.

Opposing the plan for the division of schools into zones:

The Organization violently opposed this plan, of course on various pretexts and propaganda, arguing that the authorities intended to set up a dictatorship, rob people of their freedom, hinder political activity etc., whereas the plan of division into zones had no aim but to diminish deprivation and discrimination between the students of various districts. You know that during the reign of the shah, the schools were such that educational and hygienic families were monopolized by a few. For example, good and well-equipped schools belonged mostly to the children of rich families and the poor students of the southern districts of the city had little educational opportunities.

The education authorities wanted to get rid of such discriminations and barriers, but the hypocrites violently opposed them. To show the motive behind their opposition, we can ask if it was for the preservation of political freedom, or was it to prevent dictatorship and suppression? Or was it merely to promote the particular interests of the Organization? Here we have some statistics from the school in the central zone. 60% of the students belonging to the Organization in the Javidan High School lived outside the central zone, 50 in the Hashrud School, 60% in the Kharazmi School, 70% in the Alborz School, and 60% in the Shari'ati School. To make the matter still clearer, I offer some information about the members of the School Council of Javidan. Where did they live? The person in charge of the Organization lived in the south of Tehran, the 'political' agent in the west of Tehran, 'propaganda' agent in the northwest, 'supplies' agent in the north, and 'conversion' agent in the west of Tehran.

Obviously, the only reason for the opposition of the hypocrites towards the plan for the division of schools into districts, was to protect their particular interests. For, had the plan been carried out and this discrimination been removed and had the students living in the southern districts enjoyed educational facilities, then the interests of the Organization would have been endangered, and it would not have been able to hold the pulse of the city in its hands, or maintain control over the central schools. Further, it would not have been able to give direction for upheavals and disorder, to attain its end. You see, then, that the Organization not only does not attach any value to the interests of the Revolution and the people, but on the contrary, when its own interests clash with those of the people and the Revolution, it resolves the problem as explained above.


 Confessions of high ranking MKO terrorists (23)