‘MKO leaders dilly-dallying on relocation’

Habilian Association Secretary-General told Khorasan daily newspaper that the relocation of MKO members has still not taken place because of their ringleaders' obstructionism.

“This relocation has still not taken place because of the MKO ringleaders’ obstructionism,” sayyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad Secretary-General of Habilian Association told Khorasan daily newspaper when asked about the relocation of MKO members to Camp Liberty.

“Since both Iranian and Iraqi governments emphasize on the trial of MKO criminals, ringleaders of the terrorist cell try to prevent this from happening,” added Hasheminejad. “They have concluded to choose the blackmailing approach and make the ordinary members of the cult shields for the criminals.”

“In fact, MKO leaders’ obstructionism and dilly-dallying over any kind of relocation are intended to (make) relevant governments relinquish any kinds of dealing with the criminals of Mujahedin-e Khalq,” said Habilian Association Secretary-General.

He went on to say that the obstructionism is being done "while some agreements were made to relocate MKO members at Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty under the supervision of UN representatives and in this sense this transportation is completely based on the rules and regulations."

Two month ago the United Nations and the government of Iraq signed a memorandum of understanding to relocate MKO members living at Camp Ashraf in the north-eastern part of the country.