Envoy raps UNSC's inaction in condemning assassination of Iran's scientists

Iran's Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Eshaq Ale-Habib lashed out at the UN Security Council for its inaction in the face of terrorist attacks on Iranian elites and scientist.

"The Security Council, as an outstanding organ of the United Nations, was at least expected to deplore such actions and take the necessary measures in order not to allow such incidents be repeated by any means in future," Ale-Habib stated, addressing a UN Security Council session.

He stressed that the UNSC has failed to fulfill its main mission that is safeguarding the international peace and security.

The Iranian diplomat further criticized the UN bodies, including the UNSC, for leaking confidential data and information, and said that terrorist organizations have most likely used such leaked data to identify and assassinate Iranian scientists.

Iran's 32-year-old Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a chemistry professor and a deputy director of commerce at Natanz uranium enrichment facility, was assassinated during the morning rush-hour in the capital over ten days ago. His driver was also killed in the terrorist attack.