US silent war, loud weapons on Iran

From silent war to loud weapons, from covert operations to overt operations, the US government has resorted to any possible means in an effort to incapacitate a nation whose sin is the very nature of its policy of no submission to force.

In line with its silent war with Iran, a US court in Manhattan made a mockery of justice, issued a default judgment against Iran, and accused Tehran of being involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, an allegation which stands in stark contrast to reason in view of the plethora of evidence pointing with force and logic to the joint role of the CIA and the Mossad in the tragic incident.

Juxtaposing Iran with the Taliban and the al-Qaeda is an outrageously calculated move devised to further drag Iran into the margins of isolation on the one hand and to sway the sympathy of the international community to support a US-led invasion of Iran on the other.

Any time there is a new allegation against Iran, one should not ignore the prominent role the Zionist lobby plays in the matter. In this case too, a Zionist-funded Birmingham law firm had an important part play in contributing to the wafts and wefts of the plot. Among the eight law firms colluding in this case is Wiggins Childs Quinn & Pantazis.

Dennis Pantazis, a lawyer, who is very well-connected to the Zionists, says, “We have worked over eight years, consulted hundreds of intelligence experts, reviewed thousands of documents and reports and traveled to three continents and multiple countries to interview eyewitnesses. The ruling stands for the proposition that no matter how big or powerful evil is, it will always be revealed."

With abundant connections in the US, the Zionist regime funded the Birmingham law firm for eight years “to establish that Iran failed to stamp the passports of as many as 10 of the hijackers, a detail that would have alerted US authorities to the scope of their global travels.”

In the statement of his allegation, Pantazis displayed an extraordinary amount of loud insolence and while accusing the top echelons of the Iranian government of having knowledge about and funding the attacks, he also accused the Iranian nation of being the promoters and practitioners of terrorism.

"What was saddening was to realize was that this was not an act of an isolated, few deranged radicals, but a concerted effort by thousands of people, including one nation state, Iran. I do not believe that this case is an indictment of people of a certain faith, but rather an indictment of extremists in certain societies, including countries that use terror as part of their public policy."

Enlightening as it may be, his findings are based on the interviews he conducted with “defectors from Iran's intelligence agencies”, namely the members of the anti-Iran MKO which is widely branded as a terrorist group and one which is readily available to corroborate the allegations leveled against the Islamic Republic.

The Manhattan court decided in late December that Iran and Hezbollah materially and directly financed and supported al-Qaeda in the attacks, thereby holding them legally responsible for to-be-determined monetary damages to family members.

Anyone with some political knowledge is aware of the terrorist activities of this group who set upon themselves the task of assassinating their own fellow countrymen ranging from the political figures to the volunteer combatants who fought for their country during the eight-year Iraq-Iran war. It is easy to imagine what kind of cheap stunt these anti-Iran US-backed terrorists have performed and that “their henna is void of any valid color” as the Persian proverb says.

US espionage and sabotaging activities are on the rise in Iran. On Saturday, December 17, Iran's Intelligence Ministry arrested a CIA spy of Iranian descent, thereby thwarting a complicated plot aimed at conducting espionage activities in the country. The CIA agent, Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, confessed on Sunday that he joined the US Army in 2001 and received sophisticated intelligence training. According to his confession, he had been sent to the US-run Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan to receive classified intelligence before flying to Tehran. His mission was apparently to infiltrate Iran's intelligence apparatus. Hekmati had met with Iranian intelligence agents three times in line with his mission, not knowing that he had been identified.

Apart from the US silent war on Iran which is gradually unfolding in every imaginable area ranging from sabotaging Iranian computer systems to hiring spies and assassins, Washington now and again renews the threats of a military invasion against the country. Every bit of fabricated information turns into a tool in the hands of the US warmongers and the Zionists to lend zest and piquancy to the threat Iran poses to the international community.

An instance of such threats came from General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff who has recently said that Washington is ready to engage in a conflict with Iran, if President Barack Obama were to give the signal, saying the US military has reached a point where they are ready to execute force against Iran if necessary. In an interview with US media in Afghanistan he said, "We are examining a range of options. I'm satisfied that the options that we are developing are evolving to a point that they would be executable if necessary."

Only recently Leon Panetta, US secretary of defense, had said, "No options were off the table in stopping Iran develop a nuclear weapon”.

Also, Gen Dempsey revealed that he had been quietly leading behind the scenes preparations for an attack against Iran, adding that a war with Tehran would be a "tragedy".

"My biggest worry is that it (Iran) may miscalculate our resolve. Any miscalculation could mean that we are drawn into conflict and that would be a tragedy for the region and the world," he said.

However, when asked if the US army was gathering information on Iran via spy drones for a probable attack (referring to the spy drone Iran has recently downed) he declined to make any comments.

Conversely, Dempsey highlighted the role of the Israeli Mossad in collecting information on Iran and said, “There are no guarantees the Israelis would inform the US before launching an attack.”

The US silent war with Iran is no longer silent. It is gradually becoming deafening. In fact, Washington's literature of threat shuts the window to any meaningful dialogue with Iran. Besides, the top echelons in Washington have made up their mind: they are hell bent on doing their worst and bringing about a doomsday in the region and Iran will be sure to conjure up a Golgotha before their eyes.