‘MKO criminal records must be released’

"In order to achieve a new Iraq, we need to expel all the terrorist groups, especially MKO out of Iraq," said a member of the Committee of Economy and Investment Abdul Hussain Abtan parliamentary deputy for Iraq in a meeting with Habilian Association Secretary-General.

Iraqi lawmaker, Abdul-Hussain Abtan, insisted on revealing the documents on criminal record of the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), in a meeting with Secretary General of Habilian Association (families of terror victims in Iran).

The Iraqi lawmaker referred to the cult’s black record and said:” We are asking for a new Iraq,” Habilian Association news website reported. “To achieve this, we need to expel all the terrorist groups especially the MKO out of Iraq,” Abdul-Hussain Abtan added. He also asked the Habilian Association to reveal more documents on the MKO’s role in terrorist activities In Iraq.


He also reiterated that it’s necessary to disclose the cult’s criminal acts in order to enlighten the public opinion. At the end he refered to the assassination of the Iraqi Kurds during the Intifada and said: “I witnessed their crimes in Kelar city in Kurdistan, Iraq.”