Confessions of high ranking MKO terrorists (22)

As they intended to misuse the Cultural Revolution, they directed their forces in schools to close them down, to go outside the university and instigate clashes, and after closing the classes, they put the blame on the Islamic Republic.


It was during the same year that the question of the Cultural Revolution in society was raised. The hypocrites, who had managed by means of the said methods to establish themselves to some extent and gather some forces around them, adopted a more direct line aiming at creating clashes to the advantage of their own forces.

As they intended to misuse the Cultural Revolution, they directed their forces in schools to close them down, to go outside the university and instigate clashes, and after closing the classes, they put the blame on the Islamic Republic saying, «The government wanted to close the schools contrary to its claim of starting a cultural revolution, but we checked them».

A great many of the clashes in schools about which so much noise was made in newspapers and in the city, as a result of which the Islamic Republic regime was charged with bludgeoning, to which we shall refer later, were all planned and carried out by the hypocrites. This will be described in the discussion on clashes.

The Revolution, in its advance, was faced with the question of war. Today, there is no longer any need to talk about the war and the attitude of the hypocrites towards it, for you all know that the hands of the hypocrites are smeared up to the elbows with the blood of the valiant warriors of Iran. It would not be out of place to cast a glance at their line in schools where the people offered their blood and stood with empty hands against bullets and tanks and defended their Islamic land tooth and nail, making the greatest of sacrifices.

But this group comes forward seemingly in support of the war. They ask the Muslim Student Societies, which were attached to and supported by the hypocrites, to form a council in the school named the Council of Resistance. This council was to be composed of persons who are not so well- known and whose political identities were not known to school authorities (this directive was, of course, given to the students of the central zone). Then, the students were supposed to declare that the goals of this council were to teach civil defense tactics like those used at the time of bombardment, sticking tapes on window glasses, fire extinguishing and the like, which would protect them. «After securing all possible help from the schools, you should declare that the council is in need of forces. After taking measures for the registration of volunteers and securing sufficient forces, train and help them indirectly to join the organization and announce that these forces belong to the Muslim Students' Society».

They called this, attracting the forces, while it was in fact 'stealing' the forces. Only one example has been given. Though they claimed that their power laid in the fact that their forces were politically aware, we know that those they registered were sadly lacking in the slightest degree of political awareness.


The beginning of the war in 1980 coincided with the beginning of the academic year. That year, the new political line given to the student force was: «Assault, Aggression and Clashes». In the same connection, in order to expand their Organization, they created the Federation of Muslim Students' Societies, and following it, in order to enhance propaganda, they started a publication called «The Generation of the Revolution». After the federation was formed, the stage of 'assault and aggression', which was mentioned before, was embarked upon.

Again, in order to avoid prejudice, look at the details of the directives given in that year. These are of course, only a few samples. «Drive the brothers and sisters of Islamic Societies away from the scene and assault them with accusations. Compare them with the delegates of the 'Rastakhiz Party' of the former regime.» They employed intensive propaganda in connection to this matter in their publication, «The Generation of the Revolution». The topic is entitled, «Informing and Espionage in Schools.» (Document No.9)

It is claimed here that the use of reactionary methods such as informing and espionage shows the nature of the elements behind the scene, and this propaganda is in continuation of the same directive. Let us now see what the actual facts had been. There is a section in the said publication (Document No.9) which exhibits the political identities of some of the school forces. They have printed this under the title 'Espionage' and have charged the forces of Islamic Societies, school staff brothers and sisters, with espionage, whereas, all of you who have more or less worked for the Organization, know that every political organization should know its forces, which are seen in a broader perspective in the Organization itself; so much so that every individual who was to be converted had to undergo a test to show whether he possessed the required qualities.

A noteworthy point is that this document was brought by a person named Mahmud M'tamedi, who was engaged in informing and spying for the Students' Society. These gentlemen shamefully produced this document as an evidence of informing and espionage. How can one, who had sent a spy to seek information, accuse others of espionage? You know that after the victory of the Revolution, one of the acts of the hypocrites was to train infiltrators for the organs of the Islamic Republic, intending to bring about fearful disasters and crimes.

Kulahik, Keshmiri and others like them, were not men whose personalities could be transformed on the spur of the moment. After June 20, they were engaged in espionage in the organs of the Islamic Republic, and you saw how they committed those Crimes and then fled to their masters.

This is the nature of their propaganda. There is no criterion in their adoption of methods and tactics. On the one hand, they declare that informing and espionage are reactionary deeds; while on the other hand, they are engaged in heavy espionage behind the scene. They are prepared to do whatsoever to safeguard their interests. As we know, all satanic organizations are characterized by pretense and deceit.


Confessions of high ranking MKO terrorists (21)