Memoires of a MKO leadership Council ex-member (15)

Masoud Rajavi went on working on the leadership members and also married them all (according to the theory of the Ideological Revolution, a Mojahed female can never marry a Mojahed male but all Mojahed women should marry Masoud Rajavi.

Why did Rajavi create his so-called Leadership Council?

Initially I should point out a key point: Rajavi’s goals and wishes are the only things which matter to the MKO cultic relations. Imagine Rajavi as a spider that everything in the organization forms around him, just like a spider’s web.

Looking at MKO’s background shows us that after the fall of Shah, the organization’s process was alienated by Rajavi’s personal desires. I mean, gathering every single supporter and member together, step by step, and then performing every single operation, one by one, followed by Rajavi’s demands.

Therefore when you say that MKO is a cult of personality around Masoud Rajavi, although you need to discuss it in a separate session, it is not baseless or illogical. Before he formed the Leadership Council, the problem was that the group’s affairs were not running in the way he wanted.

Masoud Rajavi liked his plans to be accomplished exactly as he intended to and exactly at the definite time he had planned for. But he didn’t hold proper members, bodies and systems to operate his plans. In his primary steps, when he assigned Maryam Rajavi as a co-leader and married her, he thought he could solve the problem.

Having such a viewpoint he declared Maryam as the highest responsible in MKO and himself as the ideological leader. But he found out that affairs were not meeting his objectives. For instance, suppose that Masoud Rajavi wanted a special operating team to go to Iran in a specific time in order to attempt against an Iranian authority.

Following his order, Maryam Rajavi used to carry out the order, but in the operational process, those who realized the situation logically, I mean the brothers who held responsibilities including Mahdi Abrishamchi, Abbass Davari and Mahdi Baraiee, knew that there were a lot of difficulties and problems in reality.

Rajavi’s goals were stuck in a cult-de-sack. He was sure that with the existing tools and facilities his ambitions wouldn’t be accomplished. Therefore he declared his decision on removing all high ranking male members and replacing them with some of the so-called reliable women who could fulfill his demands. He thought that the problem is that men don’t listen to him as much as women do. He thought that women would carry out his plans much better.

In fact he had enough reasons for his decision which was made due to his outmost charlatanism. His thinking was perfect since the women in MKO who had never held any key and high ranking positions and had always been considered as the second-degree members, would listen to the orders and would try their best to offer finest services to Masoud Rajavi.

The case of replacements was also a new phase that amused the members for some time. Rajavi used to make a new program adding an article to the ideological revolution time to time, in order to stop members thinking of anything other than the organization.

This time the new program was that the men should give up their hegemony to the women. It means that following their divorce, they had to submit their leadership roles to the women.

Rajavi had posed his ridiculous idea among high ranking members like Mohammad Ali Tohidi, Jabber Zade and Abrishamchi who had agreed with him saying: ”now that we have Maryam as a criterion, if we give the authority to women, they will be so successful.”

Therefore, they selected 24 members as the primary Leadership Council among those women who were the most devoted, the most dissolved. Then they announced these women as the leaders of the organization. However, a lot of fuss was made asking why even a single man is not among the members of the leadership council.

Rajavi reacted to the protests saying that just because he has decided so. But there were still protestations to the values and criteria that gave the women – who had recently been in the lower ranks of the group – the authority of commanding a brigade or a unit. But, by using manipulations, Rajavi stated that this was the product of Maryam’s revolution and she wanted to give women the opportunity to grow.

He said that he wanted to give the whole organization to these women, implying that he would do it doubtlessly. Thus, the poor women of the Leadership council had to be at Rajavi’s disposal for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so as he could work on them.

Masoud Rajavi went on working on the leadership members and also married them all (according to the theory of the Ideological Revolution, a Mojahed female can never marry a Mojahed male but all Mojahed women should marry Masoud Rajavi. In other words Mojahed men should divorce their wives with the intention of giving them to Masoud so that he could marry them. Everyone in MKO should consider Rajavi as the husband of all women). Accepting this rule is compulsory for membership in MKO. The women of the Leadership Council were working hard to accomplish Rajavi’s desires. They forced the minor members under their rule to execute Rajavi’s plans in every possible way.

I remember some undeniable facts on this case and I will discuss them in an appropriate time. I will deal with the Rajavi’s illogical demands and the fact that he didn’t care how much time they had or how the members’ health condition was. He only cared about his plans. His desires had to be met at any cost.

The members of the Leadership council just received the orders and then they came to the camp and ordered their forces to do them immediately. They didn’t care if the person is in the hospital or hadn’t slept for hours. They asked the members to work hard until their orders are fulfilled.

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