British expert: US, UK, Israel planning for terrorist acts in Iran

British analyst Dwight Pratt said the intelligence services of the US, the UK and Israel were planning to carry out terrorist attacks in Iran.

In an article published in the website of Malaysia’s Islamic Party, he pointed to the attempts of western countries to stop Iran’s nuclear program and said providing support to Iran’s opponents was just one measure taken by these countries to isolate Iran.

To this end, he pointed out, America was taking unprecedented measures to exclude the terrorist Mojahedeen-e Khalq Organization (MKO) from the list of world’s terrorist groups.

The British expert further said that many analysts in the Middle East are of the opinion that the intelligence services of the US, the UK and Israel may decide to use the MKO elements to carry out terrorist attacks inside Iran like assassination of Iranian officials.

Pratt noted that the attempts underway to further intensify sanctions against Iran through waging propaganda war and offering incorrect information are all dangerous acts by the West, hoping the dark day of 2003 would not be repeated.

He believed such plots to isolate Iran are attempts by the western countries to force Iran yield to their wishes.