‘Ashraf volunteers for returning to Iran exceed 600’: Habilian SG

“The real number of the volunteers for returning to Iran is more than the announced number, since the MKO have dominated the Camp, hitting upon the exact number is quite impossible”, said Habilian Association Secretary-General.

“The majority of the residents of Camp Ashraf are treated like hostages and they do not have permission to leave there”, said Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad, Secretary-General of Habilian Association, in an interview with Khorasan Daily News in Mashhad, Iran.

“The countdown for the closure of Camp Ashraf has been started, and according to the Iraqi officials it will definitely be closed”, Habilian Association Secretary General stated. “So, three options would be possible: one is a group which yearns for returning to Iran, the second is some individuals who are subject to trial in the court, and the last option is for those desiring to reside in other countries.

Then the first group will be repatriated to their own country, if the second group be present in Camp Ashraf, they would be arrested and would be tried in Iraqi courts, and the last group would be sent to their desiring regions with the assistance of Int’l organizations.”

Hasheminejad referring to MKO’s noncooperation with international organizations stated: “If MKO terrorists seek for other options they would be relocated to another location by Iraqi government, and the Camp would be shut down.”

At the end of the interview Hasheminejad said “Among 3400 residents of Camp Ashraf, some 1000 of them have EU passport, nonetheless ,their passports have been expropriate by MKO ringleaders, and they do not have permission to leave the camp.