Habilian Secretary-General raps UN biased report

Sayyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad, Secretary General of Habilian Association, in a letter on Sunday criticized the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran, Ahmed Shaheed, for his unfair and biased report.


The letter is as follows:

Dear Dr. Ahmed Shaheed; the honourable UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran,

Iranians have been directly engaged with the issue of human rights and its consequences now for over three decades; but unfortunately this issue has never been dealt with independently and fundamentally for different reasons and I am sure that you are fully aware of the fact that we could not consider terrorism merely from the perspective of terrorist and the victim if the organized terrorism is going to be investigated in a country.

Dear Mr. Ahmed Shaheed!

Terror and violence always have negative consequences for society, the way nobody will be spared from the damages; thus what I should let you know about is reviewing the records and sufferings terrorism has so far imposed on my people. Therefore and as I did before, I would insist on the fact that terrorism has so far taken the lives of over 17,000 innocent people in Iran which were brutally assassinated by notorious international terrorist groups that are not concerned with freedom of people nor liberating the country from the clutches of colonialism and fighting the external enemy; terrorist groups which follow their evil ambitions through instigating chaos and killing innocent men and women; groups which are globally designated as terrorist but are directly supported and provided with military bases and intelligence by the same countries who have designated them as terrorist and have introduced you as the special rapporteur for human rights in Iran; terrorist groups such as Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) and PJAK which their leaders and commanders reside in France and Germany, and their operational teams are in Iraqi Kurdistan and Diyali province and are still backed by America and some European countries.

Let me add as an example how my own father was martyred. My father – Ayatollah Seyyed Abdolkarim Hasheminejad, a prominent Islamic scholar and an inspiring figure in the Iranian Islamic Revolution – was assassinated by a 17-year-old boy in a suicide attack, while the MEK leaders in Europe were, and are, supporting terrorism, enjoying financial and media supports by hosting countries.

Dear Mr. Ahmed Shaheed!

You surely admit that the problem of terrorism will not be solved in Iran if it were to be limited to the case of my father as a victim and the teenager as an assassin. The fact is that terrorists have always targeted Iranian people in order to achieve their dirty goals. The MEK has also, as we both know, enjoyed Western supports to maintain an increasing presence in the US and Europe.

Dear Mr. Ahmed Shaheed!

I remember vividly you had highly emphasized that terror and terrorism would take the countries out of their lawful processes and dictate itself as a barrier to any lawful decisions and actions.

You are doubtlessly aware of the fact that a number of the US congressmen have urged the American statesmen officially to plan for assassinating some Iranian well-known figures. As another example, I remind you of a recent comment by the Israeli Defence Minister following an explosion at a military base in Tehran which killed a number of Iranian militaries. Ehud Barak hailed the deadly blast and hoped for more such incidents! You see how serious are the pro-terrorism countries – which also have a background in making terror – in threatening my country.

Dear Mr. Ahmed Shaheed!

The question is that if you, as a United Nations official, are to consider the human rights issue or to discuss terrorism, how will you evaluate the role of the US and Israel as supporters of terror attacks as well as their direct and indirect presence in terror attacks against my country? They are the immediate responsible for such attacks, as neither my father nor 17,000 Iranian terror victims were killed without their will and support.

Dear Mr. Ahmed Shaheed!

Considering all this, I have to disagree with your report on human rights in Iran and regard it as defective. It only covers certain aspects with certain purposes and fails to cover other issues, including no mention of the violated rights of Iranian nation.

It is very unfortunate that in your politically-oriented report, you only covered issues pertaining to the Iranian presidential elections in 2009, viewed by those arrested and killed in the aftermath unrests. As a victim of terrorism with 7 years of research regarding the issue, I expect you to answer my few questions:

1. The US Secretary of State has frequently and explicitly admitted that the US has made every attempt to make unrest in Iran during the past two years. Therefore, do you agree that many post-election events were directed by the US?

2. In many official statements, the MEK terrorist cult leaders have admitted to several post-election events, such as instigating setting banks, vehicles, buildings, etc. on fire and several other crimes with financial losses and several losses of life and other several damages which needs volumes to elaborate on. Moreover, the British and Israeli officials have admitted to directing several post-election events. Do you still remain blind to these facts and insist on your pre-written findings?

Dear Mr. Ahmed Shaheed!

As I told earlier, some post-election unrests were organized by the MEK with the US’ direction and financial support. Why your report fails to even briefly cover any of these points?

Dear Mr. Ahmed Shaheed!

Some of people mentioned in your report have had or been links to the terrorist MEK. This is unfortunately missed in your report. Moreover, the terrorist Kingdom Assembly of Iran- led by anti-Iran monarchists – is among those mentioned in your report as those with violated human rights. You have been blind to several human rights violations against the Iranian nation. Therefore, provided that you are willing to listen, I am ready to count several cases with this regard in a possible meeting in person.


Respectfully yours,

Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad,

Secretary General, Habilian Association( Families of over 17000 terror victims in Iran)