Martyr Abbas Barghamadi

He was always advising his friends to back Imam Khomeini and Islamic Revolution, and was warning them of further MKO's blows to Islamic Revolution.

Abbas Barghamdi, son of Hussein, was born in 1951 in Barghamad, one of the villages around Sabzevar. In his childhood His father died when he was only a baby. After his father’s death, he was responsible to make a living for his family.

Abbas along with his mother and sister moved to city, and he started making a living as a painter. Although he did not go to school, he was very genteel and well-bred. Working for earning money past his teen years.

Abbas Barghamdi has been praised for his good behavior and kindliness towards his friends and family members. He was a pious man and in what free time he had, he enjoyed at helping the poor and neighbors, and cooperating in mosque and revolutionary institutions. Although he was married and he was father of a son and three daughters, he did not stop helping his mother and sister.

Six months have passed since the starting point of anti-Iran activities by hypocrites (MEK/MKO). Abbas due to his enthusiasm for Islamic Revolution as well as his religious and revolutionary spirit joined the Council of Islamic Revolution.

He was a great obstacle to hypocrites’ evil purposes, thus they had always been stalking him. Even they stabbed him once. However he was not dispatched to the front in Iraqi-imposed war on Iran, he was always fighting against MKO and counter-revolutionary parties.

Finally, in August 28, 1981 at 3 PM, when he was painting a building, MKO terrorists shot five bullets to his heart and stomach. The bullets killed him on the spot.

He was always advising his friends to back Imam Khomeini and Islamic Revolution, and emphasized “do not allow hypocrites (MKO/MEK) to hit a blow to Islamic Revolution.”