Jalal Ganjei

Head of NCRI’s Religious Committee (Phony cleric)

In Mojahed, No. 316 issued in 1993 page 20 the following description was presented about the Head of NCRI’s Religions Committee:

“Jalal Ganjei, born in 1943, began his activities with MKO in 1971. He was arrested twice by the security services of Iran in 1972 and 1974. In 1978, and before the 1979 Revolution, he was set free and continued his cooperation with the organization.”

He left Iran in 1982 and assumed different responsibilities in NLA and took part in terrorist operation known as Eternal Light along with other NLA teams. He has been introduced as person-in-charge of the Avocation of Iranian Democracy and Independence Association.

One of his children, Morteza Ganjei, has lost his life in a terrorist operation. In addition, Two of his children (one son and one daughter) are presently among the cadres of NLA. A brother of Jalal Ganjei, Kamal Ganjei, was also killed.


For decorating its propaganda tableaux, MKO even takes advantage of Shi’ite clergies’ garments. However, Jalal Ganjei’s task, like the rest of the members of this terrorist group (MKO, MEK, NCRI, Rajavi Cult), is propagation, extension, sanction, and confirmation of terrorism.

Currently, Jalal Ganjei is the chair of the NCRI committee on religious freedom. Ganjei, along with his wife and children, is continuously active in MKO terrorist bases in Iraq. One of his main responsibilities is to clarify and sanctify MKO’s terrorist principles both theoretically and ideologically.

He is wanted on charges of committing crime and ordering murder.