Mohammad Mohaddesin

Head of Foreign Affairs Committee

  In Mojahed, No. 316 issued in 1993 page 17 about the Head of NCRI’s Foreign Affairs Committee it was written:

“Mohammad Seyyed El-Mohaddessin was born in 1955. Before the 1979 Revolution, he was arrested in 1973 by the security services of the then regime in Iran. He was released from prison in the aftermath of the Revolution and resumed his contacts with MKO and became responsible for the social section of MKO".

Mohammad Mohaddesin murdered so many defenseless people after the Islamic Revolution, shortly afterwards he fled the country. His wife, Fatemeh Ramezani, is a member of MKO, as well.

During the time of Saddam Hussein, the ruthless dictator of Iraq from 1979 until 2003, Mohammad Mohaddesin as the foreign minister of Rajavi was traveling back and forth between Iraq and Washington every week. During that time MKO was the only group in Iraq which was in contact with CIA.

 In June 2003, French Counter-Terrorism Police raided 13 MKO offices and its head-quarters and arrested Maryam Rajavi, thus Mohammad Mohaddesin officially stated to the members of the MKO to enlist for self-immolations in Europe.

After the departure of Rajavi to Iraq, he was present in all the meetings between MKO/NLA commanders and Saddam Hussein, the then President of Iraq, and other members of the Ba’ath party and officials from Iraq’s Intelligence Service. Mohaddesin was also present in the meeting with Ba’ath officials, in which MKO received financial aid for their services to Saddam Hussein.

In a private conversation he said: “Certainly Mujahedin was the only group which at the same time was in contact with both corridors of power in Washington DC and high officials in Iraq, and it has the capability to help The West.”

He is wanted on charges of committing crime and planning murder.