Confessions of high ranking MKO terrorists (19)

Two camps were set up, one in Abbas Abad and another at Gul-Tappeh of Zanjan. The former undertook construction tasks I while the latter, those of pipe-laying and supplying water for the village. Let us see the motives behmd these moves.


You know that after the Revolution, the primordial aim of the hypocrites, who lacked a popular base, was to convert and train forces for their infiltration in society. The first step that was taken to attain this objective in connection with the students was to organize so-called 'Reconstruction Crusade' camps.

Two camps were set up, one in Abbas Abad and another at Gul-Tappeh of Zanjan. The former undertook construction tasks I while the latter, those of pipe-laying and supplying water for the village. Let us see the motives behmd these moves.

A society, victim of a revolution and much damage, need reconstruction. Thus, through their 'Reconstruction Crusade' camps and pretense at benevolence and at being Imam's followers, they started aiding the flood victims, building houses and helping with reaping in villages. By such actions, they could falsely claim that they were executing Imam's order concerning the formation of Reconstruction Crusades in aid of villagers, thereby attracting the people towards their Machiavellian Organization. We saw how they regularly referred to such claims in their propaganda.

Now to show their true intention and goal in a clear manner and to let people know whether or not their real aim was reconstruction, house- building, or helping villagers in securing water, and remedying social ills, we will refer to the statement of one of those in charge of the Gul-Tappeh Camp: «Our goal in this action was to win over and train a number of forces to start work in the schools. Engaging in such tasks, under the present conditions, is in fact, an outward and reformist action. Such acts are proper only when another revolution will begin and power falls into our hands».

It was in connection to this, that in spite of their claim to reconstruction and aiding villagers, they purged about 60 students in the camp or left tasks unfinished and returned to Tehran, justifying this by showering all the blame upon the government. Indeed, all those who participated in the camp knew that not only was there no obstacles to activity, but military training was being given and weapons were being brought in and an armed night-watch was set up every night in the camp. Similarly, the houses which were built, did not satisfy basic standards since their aims were not building houses and assisting the deprived. Had you been there and seen what was going on, you would have seen how the villagers turned the houses built by the hypocrites into stables and store- houses. Above all, the cost of this so-called house- building project was paid out of the pocket of the deprived and oppressed nation of Iran, namely, the office of the governor of Zanjan. The whole sum was spent to satisfy the selfish goals of the group and the Organization. Not only did they fail to remedy the ills of our society but a little reflection will show that the embryo produced by the hypocrites under the guise of 'construction', was in fact an embryo for ruining and wasting the best, living and most precious forces of society.

By the time the reconstruction programs came to an end, the hypocrites had trained a sufficient number of forces to implement the directives and policies of the Organization in the schools. The objective was to send students whose schools were outside the central zone to the zone to register their names in the best schools. In this way, a number of students who lived in the southern part of the city were enrolled in the best schools of the central zone and those who lived in the eastern district were enrolled in the central quarter. The reason, as you know, is that the central zone is usually considered to be the pulse of the city. In this way, they intended to control this very pulse through these schools in order to realize their goals. That is why we see that all the clashes of 1980 which reached their peak on June 20, took place in the center of the city. One of the most active groups in this upheaval was the students.

To show you the main lines followed by the hypocrites in 1979 and enable you to look at the question from a wider angle and discover the truth, I will quote their exact analysis at the opening of academic year:«As we have no base among the students, we will adopt two phases in our policy in schools: The first phase is to win over students and establish ourselves (remember that this was in 1979) and the second stage consists in attacking and encouraging clashes in order to seize power and close down the schools (you may see that this was in 1980). Ultimately we will question the regime, and eventually show that it is against the people».

This, as you see, was their objective in connection to activities in schools from the very beginning of the victory of the Revolution The task and line adopted in their school agenda was «to isolate Islamic societies and forces following the line of the Imam, to promote discord and opposition, thereby causing polarization and setting up boundaries between the forces, so that we may introduce and establish ourselves. »

Well, the educational authorities and those of the Islamic Republic were well aware of this intention of the hypocrites. It was natural for the Islamic Republic's authorities to react to counter this objective. (Let me point out that you may not be familiar with many of the internal problems and remind you that the point under consideration concerns the students' deception. When we speak of line and policy, we mean the line adopted within the Organization but propounded differently outside for the students and people).

Confessions of high ranking MKO terrorists (18)