Martyrdom anniversary of Ayatollah Madani

Ayatollah Madani was one of the closest aides of Ayatollah Khomeini. MKO could not tolerate seeing him a popular individual who was not talking in their favor, so they killed him in a most inhuman manner.

Ayatollah Sayyid Asadullah Madani, the Leader of the Friday Prayers of Tabriz in East Azarbaijan Province was a representative of Ayatollah Khomeini there and MKO assassinated him on September 11, 1980. He was born in 1914 in Dehkhavarkhan in Azarshahr, one of the cities of East Azarbaijan. He was a student of Ayatollah Khomeini for four years and then he went to Najaf to undertake teachings and further studies there.

Ayatollah Madani was one of the closest aides of Ayatollah Khomeini. MKO could not tolerate him seeing him a popular individual not talking in their favor and perishrd him in a most inhuman manner.

The Message of Ayatollah Khomeini upon Ayatollah Madani’s death occasion:

The martyrdom of yet another committed follower of the Prophet of Islam who was related to the great martyr, Amir al- Mumwn, Ali, both spiritually and ethically, testifies to the criminal tendencies of the seditionists and the hypocrite factions.

The pious Sayyid, the praiseworthy teacher of moral and spiritual values, martyr Hajj Sayyid Asadullah Madani was martyred at prayer by the brutal MKO. If the martyrdom of Hadrat Ali had led to the total annihilation of Islam and the eradication of the Muslims, then the martyrdom of his noble offspring the late Ayatollah Madani would also have fulfilled the dream and the desire of the deviated.

If the Kharijites had managed to seize power upon the martyrdom of Imam Ali, these cruel, perfidious groups may also manage to topple the Islamic regime and set up a US-oriented government. Through the martyrdom of Ali, the Kharijites have achieved the eternal damnation of God and the Prophet of Islam In the same way, MKO, along with their despicable masters will be damned with everlasting curses and condemned to eternal agony by God.

The Iranian nation and the committed clergy have lined up for a formidable resistance. Then when the flag drops from the hands of a Muslim warrior another combatant will take his place and pledge to safeguard the flag of Islam. Therefore Ayatollah Madani tarnished the phony prestige of the opponents of Islam through his innocent martyrdom.

As a prominent Islamic personality, martyr Madani dedicated his 'fruitful life to the service of Islam and the training of Muslims. He aspired towards spiritual sanctification striving for the triumph of virtue over vice. He was a unique Islamic personality, overflowing with piety and fervent faith.

The unjustifiable martyrdom of such a valuable Islamic intellectual along with some other pious worshippers of God during the Friday Congregational Prayer signifies a profound opposition to the noble Islamic values and an attempt to eliminate the Islamic religion and disperse the congregation of Muslim masses.

If the saboteurs rationalized flimsy excuses to justify their criminal activities, this time they have no excuse for the martyrdom of such a devout Islamic personality who was exclusively concerned with the prosperity of Islam. Indeed their actual motive was to inflict severe loss upon Islam and take revenge on the Muslim nation.

MKO aimed at taking revenge on Islam. This is because Islam is the ultimate cause of the eventual collapse of the autocratic regimes and foreshadows an eventual defeat of the superpowers in Iran and the whole region. The seditionists also wish to destroy the resolute spirit of the Iranian Muslims who terminated the brutal domination of the disenchanted colonizers. However, the Iranian nation, especially the heroic people from Azarbaijan, has fully realized the treacherous nature of their defeated enemy. After all they have suffered the loss of Ayatollah Madani, an invaluable Islamic personality.

I am convinced that the determined Iranian Muslims will eventually revenge the loss of their religious leaders. In the meantime, I extend my sincere condolences to the Iranian nation, especially' the heroic residents of Azarbaijan, upon the martyrdom of Ayatollah Madani.

I fervently beseech God Almighty to bless the entire pioneers in martyrdom throughout the history of Islam. At the same time, severely denounce the saboteurs and the evil allies of the Great Satan. The expansionist U.S.A I fervently beseech God to curse an condemn the superpowers of the East and the West who contrive brutal conspiracies in order to disillusion our Islamic nation what accomplished the Islamic Revolution by dedicating counties martyrs.

These righteous Muslims are the devout followers of the supreme martyr, Imam Husain, who sacrificed all his relatives and loyal disciples along with a six-month old infant and an 80 year old man in the cause of Islam and the Holy Quran. In fact, Iman Husain revived the Islamic religion through the sacred blood of these martyrs.

The Islamic Armed Forces, the Islamic Revolution Guards and the Mobilization Headquarters are the loyal followers of the Imams who dedicated their valuable possessions and their beloved relatives for the sake of the Islamic faith.

Finally, I fervently beseech God to bless the Muslim martyrs of the Islamic Revolution, especially Ayatollah Madani and the people of Azarbaijan. May the peace and the mercy and the blessings of God be upon you…