Iraqi engineers and agriculture directors meet with Habillian SG

Hahemi Nejad: “MKO has killed over 12000 Iranians and 25000 Iraqis; but still maintains capability for committing terrorist operations inside Iraq under the overt and covert support of the U.S at the same time of being enlisted as terrorist by this country.

A number of Iraqi engineers and agriculture directors met Habilian Association (families of Iranian terror victims) Secretary General and discussed their common concerns and exchanged ideas about their mutual interests.

As reported by Habilian Association database, in this meeting which was held in Mashhad, referring to the current status of the Middle East and the role the U.S plays in making the region insecure, Secretary General of Habilian Association (families of Iranian victims of terror) said: “the occupiers are in crucial need for raising civil war in Iraq and spread discord between Iran and Iraq so as to justify their parasitic presence in Iraq.”

The Colonizers tools to cause friction and civil conflicts

Secretary General of Habilian Association then pointed out the Colonizers’ struggle for extending and making seem plausible their presence in Iraq and said: “To do this they need to create unrest and even civil war via applying terrorist groups such as al Qaeda and MKO which have their hands stained in the blood of thousands of Iraqis while causing numerous damages to the war-torn country.” Hashemi Nejad also referred to MKO long history of violence and terror and added: “MKO has so far assassinated over 12000 people in Iraq and more than 25000 Iraqi nationals and is still capable of committing further crimes while being directly supported and even budgeted by a certain European countries and the U.S. at the same time of being designated as terrorist by the same countries.

MKO lacks any popularity in Iraq

Another speaker to the meeting was Ala al-Badran, a local official in Basra who talked about the MKO lack of any popularity among the Iraqis and said: “in spite of all the MKO hue and cry and the vast propaganda machine they have set up about enjoying massive support from the part of Iraqis, MKO has so far managed to buy only a few Iraqi politicians fewer than the number of one’s finger.

MKO expulsion requires the cooperation of all Iraqis

In another part of the meeting Seyed Nabil al-Bayali who called unity of all Iraqi political groups as the only way of expelling MKO from Iraq and said: “In unity there is strength for accelerating the process of MKO expulsion from Iraq.”

Deputy Secretary General of Arab Engineers Union also underlined MKO criminal records in Iraq and said: “MKO leaders should be prosecuted for the crimes they have committed and the law must judge about them.”