Supreme Leader’s Message to International Conference on Global Fight Against Terrorism

The following is the full text of the message issued on June 25, 2011 by Ayatollah Khamenei the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution to the participants of the International Conference on Global Fight Against Terrorism. The message was read out at the beginning of this conference by Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati.

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Dear guests and honorable audience, welcome. I would like to thank you for coming together to discuss one of the tragic phenomena currently afflicting humanity - namely, terrorism. By Allah's favor, such discussions, which should undoubtedly continue and result in a conscious determination and sincere effort in the global community, will be an essential step towards curbing terrorism and saving humanity from this agonizing phenomenon. Having faith in God's guidance and assistance, we will pursue this issue in a hopeful way, and we will move ahead accompanied by all sincere and empathetic people and all those who feel responsible.

Terrorism is not a new phenomenon. It is not a product of modern times. But the introduction of dreadful weapons, which facilitated tragic mass killings, has made this reprehensible phenomenon a hundred times more fearsome and dangerous.

Another important and shocking point is the evil calculations of the hegemonic powers which have introduced terrorism into the cycle of their policies and plans as a tool to achieve their illegitimate goals.

The historical memory of the nations of our region will never forget how colonial governments organized ruthless terrorist organizations such as the World Zionist Organization and more than ten similar other organizations and how they gave rise to the Deir Yassin tragedy and similar events in order to occupy Palestine and to force its oppressed people out of their homes.

Since its establishment up until today, the Zionist regime has openly continued its terrorist activities inside and outside Palestine, and it has shamelessly announced them. Current and previous leaders of the Zionist regime openly take pride in their history of terror and - in certain cases - their participation in terrorist activities.

The regime of the United States of America is another example, a regime that has left a long trail of terrorist activities as well as financial and arms support for organized terrorists in the regional countries. Deadly raids of drones on defenseless families in the villages and underprivileged areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, which have turned weddings into mourning ceremonies on many occasions, the Blackwater crimes in Iraq and the killing of Iraqi civilians and prominent figures, supporting bombers in Iran, Iraq and Pakistan, assassinating nuclear scientists in Iran with the cooperation of MOSSAD, shooting down the Iranian passenger plane in the Persian Gulf and killing around 300 innocent children, men and women - these are examples of this disgraceful and unforgettable trail of crimes.

America, England and certain other western governments, with their dark and incriminating record in terrorist activities, have added claims of fighting terrorism to the list of their extravagant claims. The terrorists who ruthlessly murdered thousands of people in the 1360s are now living under the support of European governments and statesmen, the same terrorists who assassinated 72 scientific and political figures and high-ranking officials of Iran on one occasion, and assassinated our president and prime minister on another occasion. With such behaviors, claims of fighting terrorism are extremely shameless.

This is while America and its European followers label as terrorists the Palestinian resistance groups who are fighting an unfair battle to save their homeland.

From the perspective of the leaders of the order of domination, terrorism is whatever that threatens their illegitimate interests. They label as terrorists the resistance fighters who are defending their legitimate right of countering occupiers and interferers, but they do not recognize as terrorists their evil and mercenary centers which are threatening the life and security of innocent people. One of the essential things that this conference can do is to present a clear and accurate definition of terrorism.

Relying on Islamic teachings - according to which human dignity is a top priority and according to which killing a single innocent person is like killing all human beings - and as a nation which has suffered great losses during the past three decades as a result of terrorism, we think of fighting this evil phenomenon as our fundamental responsibility, and by Allah's favor, we will continue our efforts on the path of this great struggle with all our power.

Greetings be upon you and upon God's servants

Sayyid Ali Khamenei