President Ahmadinejad Deplores All Forms of Terrorism

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad strongly condemned terrorism in all forms and for all causes, and stressed that, hegemonic powers are using terrorism as a tool to attain their interests.

"Any move that is against justice and human dignity, including killing of the innocent people is an oppression against all human beings and is ugly and condemned by God, prophets and all humans," Ahmadinejad said, addressing the opening session of the International Conference on Global Fight against Terrorism here in Tehran on Saturday.

The Iranian president elaborated on the different causes of terrorism and its threats to the free nations, and stated, "It is clearly visible today, that those who have been defeated by human logic, justice and goodness resort to terrorism in a bid to dominate nations' resources and fate and prevent their growth and progress through creating insecurity and undermining the nations' unity and might."

"Therefore, terrorism runs opposite to the interests of the people and serves the interests of the cultureless power-lovers, and their filthy and sinful hands are seen wherever the phenomenon of terrorism is observed," Ahmadinejad continued.

The First International Conference on Global Fight against Terrorism officially started work here in Tehran on Saturday with several high-ranking officials and international figures in attendance.

The event has brought together senior officials from at least 60 countries, and representatives from several international organizations, including the UN.

The event is aimed at increasing international convergence and coordination in fighting terrorism and with the slogan of a "World without Terrorism".

The topics to be discussed in the two-day summit include various aspects of campaign against terrorism, reasons behind the increasing trend of terrorist activities in the world, challenges and obstacles in the way of fighting terrorism, and enhancing appropriate counter-terrorism means and strategies at bilateral, regional and international levels.