Int'l Conference on Global Fight against Terrorism Kicks Off in Tehran

The First International Conference on Global Fight against Terrorism officially started work here in Tehran on Saturday with several high-ranking officials and international figures in attendance.

The event has brought together senior officials from at least 60 countries, and representatives from several international organizations including the UN.

The event is aimed at increasing international convergence and coordination in fighting terrorism and with the slogan of "World without Terrorism".

The topics to be discussed in the two-day summit include various aspects of fighting terrorism, reasons behind the increasing trend of terrorist activities in the world, challenges and obstacles in the way of fighting terrorism, and enhancing appropriate counter-terrorism means and strategies on bilateral, regional and international levels.

Iran, having suffered a long record of the killing of its officials in bombing and other acts of terror since the 1979 Islamic Revolution regards itself as a victim of terrorism.

Large numbers of Iranians, including former President Mohammad Ali Rajayee, Prime Minister Mohammad Javad Bahonar are among the officials assassinated by terrorist elements.

Meanwhile, Iran prepares to commemorate the assassination of former Judiciary chief Seyed Mohammad Beheshti, another prominent Iranian figures to fall victim to a terrorist attack.

The secretary general of the Islamic Republic Party was killed along with 72 others when a bombing attack targeted a party conference back in 1981.