Terrorist cell disbanded in Iran

Iranian security forces have disbanded a terrorist cell linked to Komala group, which is responsible for numerous terror attacks in western Iran.


A member of Komala terrorist group was killed on Sunday during a pre-planned police ambush in Kamyaran city in the western province of Kordestan.

Three militants were also injured during the raid but managed to escape, IRIB reported on Monday.

Police have launched a full-scale investigation to uncover the terrorists' whereabouts.

The police operation was carried out after security forces were informed that the militant cell had killed a farmer, identified as Shirzad Meidani, two days earlier.

Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Komala terrorist group has plotted and carried out several terror attacks against Iranian nationals west of the country.

In November 2010, four UK-linked Komala terrorists were arrested in the western city of Marivan. They were responsible for carrying out five assassinations in the past two years.

The captured terrorists confessed to receiving orders in the Iraqi city of Sulaymaniyah from their commander, identified as Jalil Fattahi, who is now residing in Britain.

The detainees said that they were originally promised USD 20,000 for each terror attack but were only paid USD 8,000 after accomplishing their missions.

Members of the Komala terrorist group (file photo)