Habilian presence in Tehran International book fair (TIBF) 2011

As the representative of the families of terror victims in Iran, Habilian Association had a highlighted presence in 24th International Book Fair of Tehran.

As reported by Habilian Association database (families of terror victims in Iran) this nongovernmental organization representing the families of over 17000 terror victims in Iran was established in 2005 and has so far attended many exhibitions on behalf of the families of terror victims. The NGO also managed to hold specialized exhibitions about the issue of hypocrisy (that of Mujahedin-e khalq in particular) in about 100 different Universities and cultural centers around the country.

Therefore and in line with the illumination of the public opinion especially the younger generation, Habilian Association set up the “Basirat”exhibition in the sideline of “24th International Book Fair of Tehran”.

The exhibition’s topics were included: Review of MKO since the beginning of formation; explain MKO terrorist and treasonous policy toward Iranian and Iraqi people, autopsy of the new hypocrisy, which was developed after 2009 presidential election of Iran, and Rajavi’s strategic alliance with Mousavi (as examples of the old hypocrisy and the new one).

Habilian Association, also, exposed to the public the MKO’s bloody history of terror and violence against the innocent people, the MKO internal relations and the way their gang leaders treat the rank and file members, their complicated manipulation and brainwashing systems, and their role in the imposed war.

Meanwhile and in the sideline to the exhibition, different relevant workgroups were held and appropriate videos were played for the audience. The viewers were also provided with Habilian Association’s software products about the nature of terrorist groups and the crimes deviant political streams and terrorist groups like MKO committed in Iran and the damages they have so far caused to the country.

Launching the book of “Pictorial typology of Hypocrisy”

According to this news, the book of “Pictorial typology of Hypocrisy” was launched in 24th international Book Fair of Tehran.

“Pictorial typology of Hypocrisy” is a new product of Habilian Association which has offered posters concerning MKO long history of violence and terror.

As the result of two years research, the book has provided Comparative typology of the old hypocrisy (MKO) and the new one (Green hypocrisy) in the forms of documents and images.