Confessions of high ranking MKO terrorists (11)

Another of the hypocrites' deceitful slogan and repeated declaration was: "Never make use of the sign of the scythe and hammer in the manifestoes and be sure to add a Quranic verse at the top of each, so that the workers will not tear them up and thus more supporters will be gathered.1"


Zahra Behboudi:

With salutations and praise to our master, Imam Mahdi and his rightful deputy, the Imam of the Ummah, and the Ummah of the Imam. My name is Zahra Behboudi, a worker in the Pars, Electric Factory. As I was directly in touch with the hypocrites' propaganda, I will explain their propagation tactics, which were essentially tricky, and deceitful. Since propaganda played an important and fundamental role in the destiny of the hypocrites, they were ready to do anything to propagate their goals by infiltrating factories through different means, arranging classes on the Quran and the Nahj al-Balagha for workers under the supervision of the members of the Organization, visiting the Imam in Qum under pretense of being hezbullahis or issuing invitations to the Re-Construction Crusade members and so on. But taking I people to visit the Imam is one thing, and the wicked purpose of tdiverting the line of the Imam is something else. Indeed, inviting Reconstruction Crusade members on the one hand, and encouraging strikes and go-slow tactics in factories on the other hand, are conflicting attitudes. But of course these attitudes of duplicity have long been the common tactics and traditions of the hypocrites from the very beginning and they are nothing new.

Another example is related to March 4th, when the supporters of the hypocrites' Organization, claiming that they had come from Bani-Sadr and the office of the President, rented minibuses and carried workers to the place where a speech was to be held, thus unawaringly involving them in their wicked plot.

Another of the hypocrites' deceitful slogan and repeated declaration was: ((Never make use of the sign of the scythe and hammer in the manifestoes and be sure to add a Quranic verse at the top of each, so that the workers will not tear them up and thus more supporters will be gathered.آ» Later on, using pseudonyms, they tried firstly, to show their number greater than it actually was and, secondly, to work under cover and thus hide their real objective from the workers.

There are other examples. For instance, one manifesto was distributed to different places and on different days, in the factories, under different titles, namely, 'Monotheistic Workers', and ((Muslim Workersآ». Similar strategies were resorted to in various departments and factories and those I mentioned throw light on the propagation techniques of the hypocrites.

Farhad Nayeri:

Thanking our sister, let me add another example. In the workshop which was under my charge, we had only one small place from where we used to issue manifestoes in the name of the 'Muslim Peddlers Association'. We gave manifestoes to our student supporters to distribute in the name of the Muslim Association. This created an artificial atmosphere which was a prevalent way and, as our sister said, it was uniformly employed in all sections.


Now let us deal with the lines and moves of the hypocrites within the factories. We can classify them thus:

-Providing guidelines to the forces on how to be secretive but yet infiltrate. That is, to assume the guise of hezbullahis or neutrals, to conceal group interests and organization tasks in critical and necessary times.

-Misguiding the popular employees of the factories and their leaders.

-Disrupting the Councils which opposed us (the example of which was seen in the Pasteurized Milk Factory).

There were other lines given to members of the Workers' Sector calling for greater efforts, a point which I will explain further.

-Creating a climate of unrest, fear and hatred in the Islamic Societies.

The hypocrites considered Islamic Societies as representing the line of the Imam and the Islamic Republic in the factories. By attacking these societies, they were attacking the Islamic Republic and the line of the Imam. As they argued, in this way, they put the whole system in jeopardy. Similarly, in order to intensify rancour and provide the ground for confrontation, they would use such epithets as spies, tattlelers and favorites etc. when talking to the workers.

Of course, it should rightly be said that the Islamic Societies stood firm against our plots and that is why they were subjected to wild attacks up to and even after June 20th. It would be fitting to speak of some of the acts of the Islamic Society according to the hypocrites' own internal reports. This is a document showing a report about a factory by the Organization. (Document No.4) It says. آ«The activities of the Islamic Society are: Organizing Quranic classes, arranging sessions in honor of war martyrs, joining the Re-Construction Crusade, literacy classes, military training, etc. آ» From the viewpoint of the hypocrites, these acts were intolerable and considered criminal.

Confessions of high ranking MKO terrorists (10)

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