Why Doesn’t MKO Let Members go?

MKO’s firm stance against relocation and Stevenson’s unilateral, time killing plan are signs of Rajavi’s strong will to maintain the cult's only ideological container since the removal of Ashraf signifies the removal of the organization that has worked to recruit and keep thousands of people behind its bars in their isolated world…

More than seven years after the fall of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, MKO leaders still force members to stay in the group. They treat their rank and file as hostages who are not even allowed to contact or visit their picketing families at Ashraf gates. Besides, the hostages are always at risk of an other bloodshed since it is clear that Iraqi government doesn’t want them in its territory.

The bloody clashes at camp Ashraf in June, 2009 and April, 2011 do not promote MKO leaders to think of a solution for members transferring instead they exploit the killing of their forces as fuel for their propaganda machine. Despite the threatened situation of Ashraf residents, the camp leaders do not let them choose for their future in the current critical condition of Camp Ashraf.

Although the killing of 32 Ashraf residents is controversial and both sides of the clashes accuse each other for the massacre, one thing is clear and that’s the danger that Ashraf residents are exposed to either by the side of Iraqi security forces or by the MKO leaders, Ashraf residents are the main victims of such crisis. What have MKO leaders done to prevent other incidents like the previous ones?

Absolutely nothing! In the early May, the United States presented a plan to relocate the Mujahedin Khalq in another Iraqi region far from Iranian border. A senior State Department official said the plan was aimed at preventing more violence at Camp Ashraf, according to Reuters.[1] although the solution offered by US officials seemed operational for short-term, MKO’s Paris spokesman said the plan would lead “to a concentration camp” and “the ultimate result will be a new Auschwite”.[2]

Mohaddesin's fallacious argument to prolong the group’s stay at camp Ashraf was confirmed by the group’s Scottish advocate in European parliament, Struan Stevenson. The EU conservative MP said relocating the MEK was “not an acceptable alternative”, Roy Gutman of McClatchy Newspaper reported.[3]

On May11, Struan Stevenson apparently proposed a plan to European Parliament for the removal of Camp Ashraf residents from Iraq. His plan contains 5 conditions to be met. [4] Mr. Stevenson proposal is unilateral because the rights of Iraqi nation as the owner of its territory are totally ignored in it. The entire plan implies that Iraqi government is offensive and Mujahedin are offended. However, there is still ambiguity about the truth of what exactly happened on April 8th2011 at Camp Ashraf. He never notices that MKO leaders do not allow the residents to choose whether to leave or to stay. They have to stay.

Abdollatif Shadvari is a former member of MKO who has recently escaped the cult. He is asked by Golnaz Esfandiari of Radio Free Europe why MKO wants to keep people in Camp Ashraf and why they don’t let those who don’t want to be there go.” it’s obvious,” he answered “If people [leave Ashraf],the organization will fall apart, there won’t be any Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization anymore.”[6]

In her speech among a number of her European sponsors like Alejo Vidal Quadras and Struan Stevenson, Maryam Rajavi threatened the world over a massacre at camp Ashraf.”I warn that any forcible relocation is a prelude to massacre the residents,” she said. [For those who are informed of MKO cult-like nature, it is clear that who will perform the massacre. You may remember the vague record of killing of 35 people on April 8 or the self-immolations on June 2003, following the arrest of Maryam Rajavi by French Police.

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