Recent Human Rights Violation in the Mujahidin (6)

When the terrible events of September 11th occurred, it was almost two months after the beginning of the unfair trial of the disaffected members of the Mojahedin, those who wanted to leave the Mojahedin's base in Iraq.

Everyone is aware that in the case of a USA led attack on Iraq, the government of Iran, which is fully armed and prepared, would deploy some of its military to the border to be prepared for any kind of military incursion. Of course, they are looking for such opportunity to kill thou- sands of Mojahedin. At this point I must emphasize that in any case; Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, their personal guards, and the prominent members of the Mojahedin will remain safe and will never participate in such an operation themselves.

They have already made preparations to escape from Iraq and to claim political asylum in one of the Scandinavian countries, which are not within the European Union. I feel it to be my solemn duty to inform you that if this plan of the Mojahedin becomes a reality, then it is a sad event and an unfair decision against the lives of the many people who are simply prisoners in Iraq, and have no right to make any decisions affecting their own lives. They are the victims of Rajavi's mistakes, immaturity and selfishness. They are trapped because they followed their beliefs; which they have come to see are mistaken and no longer believe in.

We must stop Rajavi from imposing his self-determined decisions on others, and not permit him to sacrifice the lives of people who do not believe in this way. We ask the Mojahedin to please respect others' opinions, because everyone's opinions are worthy of respect. It is my absolute duty to try as hard as I can to free the many people who are trapped in Rajavi's cult. Ido not want them to be the victims of Rajavi's selfishness, and I would like to ask all the people who can to support me in this mission.

When the terrible events of September 11th occurred, it was almost two months after the beginning of the unfair trial of the disaffected members of the Mojahedin, those who wanted to leave the Mojahedin's base in Iraq. On the day of September 11th, most of the National Liberation Army's staff was on duty in Bagher Zadeh Base, 60 km west of Baghdad. It was sometime between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. Baghdad local time when the event occurred. At that time, I, Massoud Tayebi, with other fifteen staff members, was in an Army Staff Headquarters meeting. An unprecedented phone call gave us the news that" America has been bombarded!" Everyone was shocked and stood up from their chairs. The Chairman of the Army Staff Headquarters told us to leave our present location and go to the military base.

Twenty minutes after our arrival. at the base, the news, tape recorded from CNN, was broadcast on the closed circuit television screen. The news had been translated so we learned about the horrible events that had happened; that the huge World Trade Center buildings had been attacked by terrorists, and that soon after, the Pentagon Building had also been attacked.

The Mojahedin started to "party". Loud music was broadcast from the loud speakers. Everyone was ready at the Mojahedin bases to sing "Battle with America" or "Nabard Ba America". This song has been sung by the Mojahedin for over eighteen years.

In those days Massoud and Maryam Rajavi were happier than before. About three days after the September 11th events, the Mojahedin gathered 2000 members in a meeting. This meeting was performed in Massoud and Maryam's presence. At the beginning of the meeting, when Massoud Rajavi entered, the happiness was evident on his face. He looked at the people in the meeting, and he asked them, "Do you guys know what happened?" The people at the meeting started to clap and whistle. Then Massoud Rajavi asked the control room to show the recorded news of the September 11th events again. It took almost half-an-hour to display the news on the wide screen in the meetings.

After it finished, while his mouth was covered by his hand, he shook his head in a sad manner. However, you could see the real happiness in his eyes. Then he said, "Do not ask me to take a position or analyze this event, because the wall has a hole, and that hole has a mouse with two ears". In this way Massoud Rajavi announced his happiness about the events of September 11th. The Mojahedin said nothing, and have since maintained their silence over the events.

This is a typical Mojahedin tactic when they do not want to take a position about an event in order to protect their own political situation. They keep quiet and stop publication of their Mojahed newspaper for a while. Rajavi used exactly the same tactic in 1991, during the Gulf War and the Desert Storm operation. In this way, the Mojahedin have disregarded the September 11th events, and unlike other political organizations, they failed to condemn the action. Rajavi said, 'we are in Iraq, and we can't say anything to displease the government of Iraq'.

Finally, I would like to announce that the National Council of Resistance is nothing but a political shield for the Mojahedin. The National Council of Resistance, like the Mojahedin, has no supporters inside Iran, and all Iranian citizens know them as both an anti-democratic and a suppressive Organization.

Masoud Tayebi

December 4th 2002

Recent Human Rights Violation in the Mujahidin (5)