Habilian Association SG assessing MKO call for exiting Iraq

In an interview with "Khorasan" newspaper,Habilian Association(families of Iranian terror victims) Secretary General, assessed some recent reports on MKO declaring readiness to exist Iraq.

Referring to the U.S. support for MKO survival in Iraq, Seyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad said: It is obvious that MKO has relied on American promises and whenever Iraqi government has sought to take actions against MKO, they resorted to threats such as committing mass suicides.

"MKO had applied some threats and tricks during the recent developments, but they were defeated." Habilian S.G restated.

Hasheminejad added: It seems that less concentration of American presence in Iraq has lessened MKO hope to continue its parasitic presence in the country, too.

Secretary General of Habilian Association assessed some recent reports on MKO declaring readiness to exist Iraq, saying: Of course there are some doubts about authenticity of the letter, which is called had been sent to the Special Representative of UN Secretary General in Iraq.

Habilian Association SG apprised MKO future in Iraq and added: MKO's future is decided on in international communities and European countries, and due to the Iraqi government's determination to exorcize MKO, it is not unlikely that European States who support MKO make new decisions.