'Iraqi CMTE urges seizing Camp Ashraf'

The Iraqi committee in charge of looking into the crimes committed by the MKO terrorist group in the country says the Camp Ashraf needs to be retaken from the group.


The committee also announced in a statement that the numerous crimes committed by the terrorist group should be investigated through legal channels, reported Habilian Association -- an association that groups the families of those martyred in terror operations across Iran -- on its website.

Addressing the elders of nomadic tribes, the representatives of NGOs and anti-MKO campaigners, the committee reiterated that it will voluntarily and without being forced by the government follow the crimes committed at the hands of MKO terrorists.

The committee emphasized that it will stand up for the rights of not only the martyrs but also all the individuals wounded or maimed as a result of MKO's terrorist acts, adding that it will file a lawsuit to retake the personal properties of citizens seized by the MKO since its presence in Iraq.

“[The committee will also call for] the return of all properties, weapons and ammunition supplied to this (MKO) organization since the former [Iraqi] regime,” the committee further noted.

It also called on all Iraqi citizens who have suffered as a result of the MKO's terrorist operations to come forward and submit their complaints, permitting the committee to legally follow their complaints.