MKO clearly connected to MOSSAD and CIA

…It becomes clear that there is an American and Israeli intelligence connection to the MKO and to the Jundollah and to many of these individual atrocities that this group has been committing within Iranian borders.

The US administration is ramping up a "secret war on terror groups" in hot spots around the globe by establishing a new military targeting center, officials say. The following is Press TV's interview with former US Senate candidate Mark Dankof regarding the matter:

Press TV: Some have predicted a positive response from the US public because this is "the only tool where we can see immediate, positive results." Is that true?

Dankof: I think if you count this as a positive result, all the political blowback that is going to occur has already occurred as a result of these previous drone strikes. The fact of the matter is that the military knows and our politicians know that we have already spent one trillion dollars in barred money in both Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, under very dubious circumstances and now we are resorting to something that frankly is going to get a lot of innocent people killed and I think there is going to be an even bigger backlash against what the United States is doing in both of these countries.


So, I think over the long haul, this is going to be more of the same and nobody seems to have an idea as to how to extricate the United States from both of these situations and I think also the question again is how much money we are spending; to what extent the Israelis are going to be involved in these operations and frankly you should look both at Iraq and Afghanistan. We do not know how much this joint strike operation and joint strike command is going to cost; how many people are working for it and frankly who is going to be making the decisions and who gets targeted and when the shooting starts.


Press TV: Some reports say task force 373 has killed many people in Afghanistan without even firing a single shot; is this an example of the kind of operations that the new global task force may conduct?


Dankof: Presumably so, and I think it is worthy if you take a look at what was said in AP intelligence writer Kimberly Dozier's release to the press today that becomes clear that the United States is not simply stepping on the gas in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan with these types of operations, but now we are hearing more about Somalia and Yemen and there is also talks about these operations quite possibly being used domestically within the United States according to the Ms Dozier's report today.


This is all very very ominous and again it seems to me that we have a foreign policy that continues to drain the American economy and drain the American political will and credibility and the whole thing in my judgment is going to be proved to be a complete disaster.


Press TV: NATO says 80 percent of targeted operations result in capture, but as is well reported, the result is actually massive civilian-deaths. Is the public being kept in the dark about the extent of this problem?


Dankof: I think that they are. Quite frankly, I turned to alternative media sources to try to get any semblances of truth as to what is actually going on in these situations. Ex CIA agent Philip Giraldi who writes for The American Conservative and ex CIA agent Ray McGovern have done serious studies about what we are doing with these drone strikes. Paul Craig Roberts is another source that I consult and inevitably the view that they are bringing to the table is being kept out of American corporate media much to the detriment of the information of the American people who are not holding either the president of the United States or our military or our Congress accountable for things that are being done under their name.


Press TV: Sovereignty is an issue for the Afghans and Pakistanis. Does Washington feel these countries long ago gave this up?


Dankof: Sovereignty is a very very important issue and it is an important issue when Iran is involved. The Mojahedin Khalq or MKO, which is a terrorist organization despite the attempts of many in the American government and in the European Union to say it is not, has been doing a series of things in your country in conjunction with this Jundollah group, which is absolutely reprehensible and frankly, as Mr. Giraldi, Mr. McGovern and Mr. Paul Craig Roberts have been covering these things. It becomes clear that there is an American and Israeli intelligence connection to the MKO and to the Jundollah and to many of these individual atrocities that this group has been committing within Iranian borders. So, I think sovereignty is an issue and because it is an issue, there is going to be even more militancy among indigenous groups in these countries, who are frankly sick of these foreign military incursions and a total disrespect for their own nation and their own institutions.