Recent Human Rights Violation in the Mujahidin (2)

Imprisonment and torture -emotional, mental and physical of members who wanted to separate from the Mojahedin Organization but whom the Organization doesn't want to let go.


These are also what I witnessed and are additional reasons for my disassociation with the Mojahedin:

- The absolute dictatorship of Rajavi, allowing no rights to others.

- Lack of freedom in the Organization.

- Deprivation of the right to choose and prohibition of members gathering together and holding friendly debates about their beliefs.

- Preventing members from contacting their family members.

- Inquiry into and scrutiny of individuals' beliefs and compulsory reporting to the Organization details of what is going on in their minds and even their dreams.

- Internal trail of more than fifty members and the Vice President of the Mojahedin Organization in the presence of 2000 people without a jury or defense lawyer. Massoud Rajavi himself was both prosecutor and judge in this unfair trial, which was held in the summer of 1380 (2001).

- Imprisonment and torture -emotional, mental and physical of members who wanted to separate from the Mojahedin Organization but whom the Organization doesn't want to let go.

- Damage to the reputation and integrity of the Mojahedin Organization due to inaccurate military and political actions. Worst of all was that the Mojahedin is now recognized and listed as a world-wide terrorist Organization by the USA, the United Kingdom and the European Union.

- Disagreement with any criticism that might help them to progress their political and military strategies.

- Suppressing criticism of any Organizational member or official of the highest Councils; this is done systematically, and if anyone disagrees with the Organization's opinion, he/she will be subjected to severe punishment. These punishments include:


(1) accepting the accusation of disloyalty to the Mojahedin Organization in the form of a written confession;


(2) in a private internal Organizational meeting, Massoud Rajavi announced that there are 400 individuals who are the opponents of and want to leave the Mojahedin Organization;



(3) Imprisonment of these individuals for a minimum of two years, or five years for prominent members and vice-presidential rank, for members of the army staff, imprisonment is for over five years.


- Forcing individuals to take part in a televised interview. This is exactly what was done by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1360 (1981), when I was a prisoner of the government of Iran. Since 1381 (2001) up to the present, this is being done by the Mojahedin.


- Returning some of the disassociated individuals to Iran. That is individuals who were politically active against Iran's regime. The Iraqi authorities and prison guards took this inhumane action. This is even being done to people who have European or North American citizenship, and who joined the Mojahedin and went to Iraq in order to fight for Iran's freedom.



Report from an internal, organizational trial which was held in Iraq over a period of three months by the Mojahedin Organization based in Iraq.


The Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization confessed to having prisons and prisoners in different parts of its Organization in Iraq. Disaffected members are either isolated in a prison cell, or kept away from groups. When they are in a vulnerable state of mind, they are required to 'realize' that whatever Massoud and Maryam Rajavi are saying is the truth.



Then they might be accepted back into the organization again. H not, I and they still stress that they wish to leave, then they must write a repentant letter and undertake a television interview in which they con- fess that leaving the Organization is due to their own problems. They must say then that they don't belong to the Organization. The Mojahedin is then able to transfer them to an Iraqi prison based on this evidence.


1) The trial was held during the months of July, August and September 2001, and took more than three months.


2) The trial was held in Bagher Zadeh Base, which is located 60 km from West Baghdad.


3) In this trial, at least 50 members and the Vice President of the Organization were tried. After announcing their names, guards ~ took them to another location to await their own trials.


Recent Human Rights Violation in the Mujahidin (1)