On the anniversary of Ayatollah Hashemi Nejad’s martyrdom

Of the most important roots of thinking life in society, is the presence of the brave Mojahed who with his shining sun marches his gifts and waters the heart and soul, these kind of humans are self sacrificing and thoughtful, finally with their own lives provide living and thinking for society. Our dear martyr Ayatollah Hashemi Nejad was one of these humans, this outstanding individual was a God sent for our country and Revolution…

In his speech he was as sharp as the sword, and in his reasoning and thinking like Hashem Ebn Hokm.

We are remembering him in this letter of martyrs with the hopes that we can follow his lead.


Birth of a competent son:


Sayed Abdolkarim Hashemi Nejad in the year 1932 was born to a poor family. His respectable father the late Seyed Hassan was a simple Moslem merchant, the martyr talks about his father's work.

My father was a simple merchant with a shop, but the commodities he sold were useless, especially towards the end I can say his shop was just a paraffin stop.

In the years of darkness when Reza Khan Gholdor's evil reign was over, Seyed Abdolkarim stepped into the world of knowledge and studies. With the hopes that with culture and knowledge he could challenge dictatorship,


Besides the studies, with the sincerity that his honorable father had towards Islam, he also used to participate in the religious meetings, Abdolkarim was raised near pulpits and preachers and love of Imam Hossein. He learned well that like his ancestors he had to raise a voice against injustice.

Seyed Hossein his honorable father knew of his shining future and did not think of anything else but his need to learn. Abdolkarim also knew of his father's efforts and troubles, so after school he would rush to his father's shop and with his little hands move the paraffin containers and help his father with warmth and love.

Ayatollah Koohestani in the region of Elmieh:


Abdolkarim in the town square became an attraction for the Islamic domain and with his father's and mother's blessing moved to the late Ayatollah Koohestani's region, 6 Kilometers from Behshahr.

He took this huge step with all his might, the mountainous region accepted the fourteen years old with open arms. He was extremely happy to become a student of Ayatollah Koohestani. The late Koohestani in the choke hold of Reza Khan set out from Najaf to Behshahr without any fear of the dictator; he started teaching the Shiite religion.

The simple life style of his teacher was a grand lesson in itself for Sayed Abdolkarim and he learned it well. Besides the simple beings he learned how to fight with knowledge. Half of his life had not passed yet when he became a seminarian.


Immigration to Qom:


The greatness of the mountainous village and presence of Ayatollah Koohestani was an honor for him, but for a person like Hashemi Nejad, he was like a river that had to run into the ocean, an ocean that Sayed Abdolkarim was after.


The region of the Elmieh Mubarekeh and holly Qom, Hashemi Nejad's interest to move to Qom was no surprise to his family. Father who knew enough of the sun wished him to make full use of his God given gifts, so he did not disagree with this move, and Hashemi Nejad got himself there regardless of all the difficulties. Like a first that had just got to the sea he felt calm and peaceful.

Ayatollah Koohestani had told his students to learn all they could from the late Sheikh Ali Kashani who was like a teacher and a father. But when they got to Qom they were extremely hopeless and sad.

He valued the relationship a lot, in the vacation period when classes were closed, with all the problems and difficulties; he would get himself to far away villages to visit relations to renew their bond and relationship.

In Qom he would attend his classes with complete seriousness that was taught to him by Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Boroujerdi and learned all he could from them.

In the year 1957he got married, a year later he lost his honorable father. The years had gone by and Sayed Abdolkarim had learnt a lot from the vast ocean of knowledge at Elmieh.

Writing of the book Sceneries was mostly facts about Islam in the form of a story, to extend that experts were striving for.

Religious expert Seyed Abdolkarim Hashemi Nejad in the year 1959 even though he was not even 26 yet, wrote his first piece in a very artistic and romantic way for everyone in those days to cherish.

Massage of the martyr:


The great martyr professor Farzaneh after spending years studying in the Elmieh region of Qom, in the year 1961 with the intention of getting the massage of Islam across, went to the eternal hall of Imam Reza and chose the narrow street of Razavi.


Sayed Abdolkarim like his great ancestors Imam Reza was a stranger, but it did not take long before great friends like Ayatollah Khomeini and Hojat- Ol- Islam Mr.Vaez Tabassi found him and got him out of loneliness, and they became a close group.


For the first time with Mr. Vaez Tabassi they met briefly at Navvab School. This was the beginning of a deep friendship in the future. Their later and repeated meetings at the office of Professor Ayatollah Haj Sheikh Mojtaba Ghazvini and in the subject of philosophy it was him who got them together and to strengthen their friendship, they visited each others houses. In the region of Elmieh in Mashhad they started to teach higher education and before long, their styles and information for teaching had become everyone's subject of conversation.


Mr. Vaez Tabassi talks of that period:


My friendship with martyr Hashemi Nejad goes back to the days before the late Ayatollah Boroujerdi passed away. For the first time we met briefly at the Navvab school which was the start of our friendship.

Martyr Hashemi Nejad used to teach the political points to his scholars very well and in turn they would promise to teach it to others.


Beginning of his political activities and enduring massage:

The great post of leadership


In this regard he says:

When the challenges of 1962 began Mr. Hashemi Nejad was considered one of the most active.

It was in 1963 when he had a speech in Tehran, after which he and a considerable number of other professors were arrested. In Mashhad it was one of the preaching seasons, I am not sure which, it was the decade of Fatemieh or another. His excuse was seasonal speeches and it was then when he mentioned the Shah's six boards, which in those days they made a big deal of and it was supposed to be pushed into people's minds in the name of the revolution.


Showed up in Savak report in Khorasan:


According to the agents report Aghayasid Abdolkarim Hashemi Nejad child of Seyed Hassan, the previous night 1963/5/10-13 in the meeting at the Elephant mosque which was held by the lower working class from down the street to tame the public against the authorities and the open elections. Because these sorts of topics were against regulations, hence the night of 1963/10/15 the police arrived at the mosque to arrest the mentioned, but since the surrounding members had found out about the situation they prepared to face the police. At this point the police faces, the outcome of this clash with two dead, named Mehdi Youssefi the child of Hassan and Mashalla Jacket Foroosh dead and five others injured.


In Mashhad pressures were very intense and Savak had become very sensitive. Therefore he had no choice but to be careful and to engage people in speeches when he traveled to smaller towns to guide and mobilize people. Of course in this time he gathered enough information to publish a book.


He was teaching in the region and his social activities of answering youngsters’ religious questions.


From the year 1351 Mr. Hashemi's political activities became broader. With his travels to Shiraz and Isfahan and revealing speeches were the reasons that he get arrested in Isfahan and put in jail.


Imam Khomeini in the great position of leadership:


After that from the year 1972 our joint activities began. He got busy with a small group with whom we were organizing the out of sight projects. With Mr. Hashemi joining the group got a special energy and started handling broader projects. In years 1974 and 1975 again for his sharp and open political activities he got arrested along with Mr. Tabassi in Mashhad.


This time his prison term lasted two years. Towards the end of 11976he got to meet smaller groups close up in prison.


The great position of leadership:


It was from that period when Mr. Hashemi's hatred appeared two faced in the group, but he had seen the in and outs of their doings and had felt their warped ways of thinking from close up. When he was freed from prison he knew too well how the group operated, but he thought with sensitive calm advice he might be able to change their ways, and there was nothing he did not try in that direction.


In the year 1979when the torch of the revolution was lit became one of the main leaders of the people of Mashhad.


When I returned that year from being committed to Mashhad I noticed that everything in the city is being run by him and Mr.Tabassi.


Mr. Hashemi had a very effective role in the revolution operations; along with our dear brother Mr. Tabassi he was able to save the Mashhad barracks and the 77th regiment from the greedy opportunists. He managed to keep control of the weapons and keep the peace in the city.


In the Khobregan elections martyr Hashemi Nejad was elected and went to Tehran to take office. After that he could not accept the legal responsibilities of the classes and the office of the Islamic republic Mashhad branch, these were responsibilities that he was handling with strength and finesse.

Promise of martyrdom from Imam Khomeini:


Fifty nine years had passed of Sayed Abdolkarim's full life in this earthly world; he with a heart full of faith was in the search of lost followers.


Imam, years before the victory of the revolution said to him: "I will die of natural causes you think about yourself".


With this promise he was waiting to taste the sweetness of martyrdom, his red face confirmed it that he was on the way with the caravan of martyrs for The Islamic Revolution.

Mr. Vaez Tabassi dreams:


The innocent martyr Beheshti entered Mashhad, sat in the presence of the Imam and started a warm conversation with Mr. Hashemi Nejad. When I (Vaez Tabassi) entered with this two as a guest, suddenly martyr Beheshti approached me and said, please wait for now we do not have anything to say to you now but we have to have a private conversation with Mr. Hashemi Nejad.


Amir Yaghwai this shameless hypocrite and the assistant for the center for hypocrites say:


The terror was planed at the hands of Jalal and Shahab two of the members. It was it the plan to hit all of Hashemi Nejad's class, but when they found out Hadi Alavian had been sold out they said: because Tabassi is at Mecca and Hashemi Nejad is the first in Mashhad if we kill him it would be back breaking for the system in Mashhad that’s why Hadi Alavian with a grenade that was in the book stand was supposed to go to the bathroom and pull the tab and destroy Hashemi Nejad in his class.


At eight in the morning martyr Hashemi Nejad was exiting the Islamic Republic center, who was murdered by the hands of these hypocrites. They had planned to kill him in the class so some others would die with him, but because Hashemi Nejad did not go that day it was delayed to the next day meaning Tuesday 29 of September 1991 which was equivalent with martyrdom of Ayatollah Javad Alaemeh.


Imam Khomeini says:

The hypocrites completed what Savak left half way in killing Hashemi Nejad.

He was close to God and expecting to be martyred.

Those who die in serving God are not considering dead because they are with their God and getting what they deserve.

Ayatolah Hashemi Rafsanjani

After martyrdom of our brother when Rajei was to be introduced by the candidate's center we had not decided if a spiritual could be president yet. There were talks that there might be a non religious person. Mr. Hashemi Nejad came to Tehran from Mashhad for this reason, so that someone trusted by the people would make this decision so he said:

For now no one other than a spiritual cannot handle the situation, he insisted that Ayatollah Khamenei become a candidate, which made him very happy and he succeeded.