Massoud Rajavi wants to be worshiped as …..!!!!!!

I would like to begin my article with my highest admiration and gratitude for Mrs Batool Soltani, the former member of Rajavi’s Leadership Council - the highest organizational rank in PMOI - because of her bravery and honesty for revealing the horrifying and shocking facts which are proving justly that this organization has been changed to a very robust notorious cult, and I can declare without any doubt in my mind that no one in the PMOI had this ability to deform the revolutionary organization to such a dangerous cult except Massoud Rajavi himself.

The facts are shocking and terrifying, and Massoud Rajavi is the source and founder of this notorious and horrifying cult.

He is the one who hollowed out the organization of any revolutionary content and replaced it with harsh cultish rules and politics.

I spent twenty years in this organization and I have seen and heard many facts that prove Massoud Rajavi had tried his best and used whatever he could use to become a god or at least a prophet in his organization. I believe the Leadership Council was his tool for reaching to that point.


Every member of the Leadership Council is a high commander and they have many subordinates (rank and file) who are under their command. The Leadership Council are all women. Their duty as they have said and mentioned on many occasions was to indoctrinate and brainwash members that Massoud is attached to God and every night he has conversation and communication with God and God’s prophet.


I remember that one of the Leadership Council, Mrs Soosan Taleghani, told us that Massoud Rajavi is Imam Hussein and Maryam is Hazrateh Zeynab. In this organization Massoud’s character was as a man without any sin and guilt and he was an innocent and sinless leader and all mistakes and sins and guilt pertained to everyone except him and his wife.


Once, Mehdi Abrichamchi (Maryam Rajavi’s first husband) said in one particular organizational gathering that, “Massoud is not responsible to anyone except God for his actions and no one is allowed to make any criticism against Massoud“. In the PMOI, no one was allowed to criticize Massoud and Maryam Rajavi and the Leadership Council. We were told all the time that whatever Massoud was saying we should accept as concrete facts and truths and we should accept his thoughts even if we did not believe in it. We did not dare to open our mouth and voice our ambiguities and doubts about his thoughts because we were afraid of its consequences. We were not allowed to reject his thoughts or even doubt them and worse of all we had to substantiate and prove that he and his thoughts were right.


The years which I spent in that organization have become my nightmares and even after 6 years in which I have separated from them, I still have nightmares while I sleep. I thought that if I joined them I will be helping the Iranian people to gain their freedom and democracy back. But now I realize that joining the PMOI was the biggest mistake that I made in my life and I cannot compensate for the loss which I suffered in my personal life any more.


According to Mrs Soltani’s recent interview about Massoud Rajavi’s strange desires and passion to become a praiseworthy and charismatic leader and his behavior and attitude toward women in his organization and nude dancing of the Leadership Council’s members in front of him and Maryam Rajavi, which makes any one sick, all show that Massoud Rajavi has made a cult inside his organization, a cult which for decades has enslaved the souls of all those men and women through indoctrination and brainwashing methods.


In this cult Massoud is the God, the prophet, the holy man, the guru, and his wife Maryam Rajavi is his first devotee and admirer who is ready to sacrifice anything for him and the Leadership Council is his tool to brainwash all those men and women in that cult to worship him as god and as a prophet.

But I want to tell Massoud Rajavi wherever he is hiding that the season for demagoguery has reached its end. The Iranian people are very informed, educated and experienced people and believe me, you and your cult and your devotee, Maryam Rajavi do not have any place among Iranian people.


The Iranian people want changes in Iran’s politics and in their life and for that reason they are protesting and showing their complaints in the best way possible. But no one in Iran looks to you and your cult as an opposition. On the contrary, they see you and your notorious cult as criminal, traitors, mercenaries and imposters. So in my opinion the best place for you is your hideout; stay there and let the Iranian people choose what is best for them. I am sure that the Iranian people are better off without you and your cult and your first lady, Maryam Rajavi, in their struggle to retrieve democracy and freedom. You and your cult just worsen their struggle and endeavors and makes it harder for them to make progress. You (Massoud Rajavi) must understand that Iranian people have their own real God and prophets to worship. You should accept the fact that you and your cult are sinful and have committed many crimes against humanity and that you should be put on trial like any criminal because every crime has its natural consequence.

At the end, I convey my best wishes to Mrs. Soltani and all the separated members who are struggling to reveal the unknown and unheard facts about this cult and its leaders.