Reality Check: MKO Suppressive Pearl Operation

[MKO’s extensive propaganda campaign for spreading faked information about the true nature of its terrorist destructive cult had set for a new purification project in order to remove dirty stains of terrorist activities and atrocities of their cult from the historical memory of public opinion. To achieve such an unlikely goal, Ali safavi, the group’s henchman, does too much effort to write a series of posts denying the crimes committed by his organization.

Nejat Society, in turn, views it as essential to enlighten the minds about the claims made by MKO remnants.]

Among the long list of Mujahedin Khalq Organization’s terrorist activities, one may find Iraqi Kurd’s suppression by MKO due to its absolute obedience to its former financial and military sponsor Saddam Hussein.


In his serial postings ,Rajavi’s remnant, Ali Safavi has tried hard to deny MKO’s role in suppressing Iraqi Kurds’ uprising in 1991 and in order to cover their crimes against Kurds, Mujahedin claimed that they repelled the attack of Iranian forces to their bases and called the alleged anti-attack, ”Pearl Operation”.


Pearl (Morvarid in persain) is the name of a chain of mountains in the border of Iranian Kermanshah province and Kurdistan of Iraq, where the massacre of Kurds took place.

In 1991, there was the risk from the side of Iraqi opponents to Baath regime: Kurds in the North and Shiites in the South. The only force to oppose the oppositions in that region was MKO who was present in the absence of Saddam Hussein’s forces. MEK leaders knew that falling of Saddam Hussein; their main financial and logistic sponsor equals Rajavi’s removal. Through a radio message, Saddam Hussein asked the people in Northern areas to cooperate with Rajavi’s forces as well as Baath army and their disobedience would lead them to death.


Rajavi in his turn promised Saddam that his group would fight the Kurds with their entire power. Then, through a message he declared:”Iranian soldiers, in Kurds clothes, are supposed to attack Mujahedin“But when the members started to hesitate he stated:”IRI’s Pasdaran and YKT’s have allied to attack Mujahedin.


In addition to various testimonies made by former members of the cult, Iraqi authorities, moved by their hatred towards MKO as Saddam Hussein’s mercenary force, have repeatedly asked for their expulsion from Iraqi territory. Mohammad Tofiq Rahim, an official of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan told Radio Liberty that his organization has documented evidence of Rajavi’s role [in suppression of Kurds]. He said that when the Kurds seized control of Northern region of Iraq with US assistance at the end of Gulf War in 1991, MEK cooperated with Iraqi army in retaking control of the city Kirkuk. Hundreds of the city’s residents were killed by MEK. “Every one in Iraqi Kurdistan knows that Massoud Rajavi cooperated with Mukhaberat [Intelligence Ministry ] and security forces of the regime of Saddam”, Rahim said .


Mohammad Javad Al-Dorkhi, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Belgium and the European Union, clarifies that new Iraq has inherited a heavy legacy from the former dictatorship, which not only suppressed and crushed the Iraqi people and made hundreds of mass graves launched wars and invasions but left on the ground in Iraq a camp inhabited by a group of terrorists, mercenaries , who make up the military wing of MKO terrorists who were allied with the former regime and participated with his security forces in the brutal suppression and liquidation of Iraqi, Arabs and Kurds, during the popular uprising in 1991 after the failure of Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait.


Ali Safavi pretended to have a huge support for MKO among Iraqi authorities and juridical officials; Once again he tries to accelerate his propaganda machine claiming to enjoy the support of thousands of Iraqi lawyers. The truth is that in September 2009 Iraq’s Supreme criminal court assigned to review crimes done by the former Iraqi Baath regime during the 1991 uprising and announced that it has received 5000 complaints filed against the regime and anti-Iran terrorist group, Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO).


MEK’s vain effort to purify their dark history leads Ali Safavi to the claim that “it had never harbored the slightest bit of hostility toward Iraqi Kurds”.[6] As Al-Dorkhi states :” the Iraqi people are familiar with the strong relationship between MKO and the elements of the former regime and the coalition between them and the fateful military support and material submitted to it by the former system and they will never forget the blood of Iraqi children bas been lost at the hands of these terrorists and now the Iraqis insist on their right to bring them to trial and justice.

There are many living eye-witnesses among Iraqi Kurds. Mr. Alimardan, the head of Workers’ Union in Iraqi province of Kirkuk said:” I and my family are the victims of MKO’s terrorist activities.” offering his sympathy for other victims of MKO, he expressed his hatred for these terrorists and Saddam Hussein. ”they committed numerous crimes against Iraqis so that many in Northern and Southern Iraq were killed and wounded by this group,” he said.


In a meeting with Habilian Association, Iraqi tribal Sheikhs from Bagdad, Maysan and Babil insisted that “MKO’s propaganda that they are supported by Iraqi tribal leaders is totally a lie.”Sheikh Abu-hussein Ghadhban told Habilian that “Saddam Hussein used the group intentionally to suppress Iraqi nation”.


Ali Safavi’s disinformation on Jalal Talebani, President of Iraq is the outcome of MKO’s declining situation in Iraq. He tried to demonize Jalal Talebani using faked allegations, since he knows that as the first official of Iraqi government Jalal Talebani is determined to expel MKO from Iraqi soil. “According to the Iraqi Constitution there is no place for terrorist groups in Iraq” Talebani said.[10]in fact one of the major pressure on the United States to round up the MEK[in 2003] and put them in a camp did not come from Iran; it came from Jalal Talebani


According to Qobad Talebani,son of Jalal Talebani “Up until the fall of the regime, they [MEK] were part of and parcel of Iraqi military . And they were heavily involved in suppressing the Kurdish uprising of 1991.”

Ordered by Saddam and carried out by Massoud Rajavi, the role of MEK in repressing the Kurdish revolt must have created serious problems within the organization. Many members have Kurdish roots. In addition, the PMOI clashed with Kurdish groups within the Iranian opposition, leading to more defectors and the further isolation of Massoud Rajavi.


And finally the large-scale support for MEK by former Iraqi dictatorship for two decades only leaves a bad fame for these terrorists and proves that MKO is really a terrorist organization. The US Department of State boosts its credibility by labeling MEK as a foreign terrorist organization based on credible evidences.