The MEK claimed responsibility for assassinating a religion activist

The MEK terrorist group claimed responsibility for assassination of a religion activist in 1983

According to Habilian, the MEK terrorist group has confessed to this crime in No. 156 of the Mojahed Magazine- the main press organ of the group in the 1980s.

Based on this news, which was published in the magazine as a daring operation, a two-person unit of the MEK terrorist group assassinated Esmaeil Mostafazadeh who was a religion activist in Ahmadieh Mosque on Sarsabz intersection in Tehran with a few bullets on June 6, 1983 at 4 pm.

According to the MEK magazine, the victim (i.e., Esmaeil Mostafazadeh) was said to have had family ties with the head of Tehran's Five District Committee and participated in identifying and arresting "revolutionary forces". These were mentioned as the crimes for which they assassinated him.