West rushes to terrorists’ rescue in dire times: Gen. Bagheri

Chief of General Staff of Iranian Armed Forces said Sun. that in many cases where terrorists are under siege, some Western countries will send their helicopters to lend logistic support to them.

Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri made the remarks while addressing the 9th Malek Ashtar festival held on Sunday to commend the best units and commanders of the Armed Forces.

Bagheri then noted the US’ illegal presence in Syria, saying Trump’s announcement to withdraw troops from the war-torn country is not a remarkable move compared to the still strong presence of American forces in the region.

He referred to the US’ destructive measures in Syria and other parts of the Middle East region, saying “they did all they could to undermine a government whose only fault was to hold enmity for the Zionists and extend friendship to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and now they have been finally forced to leave [Syria].”

Bagheri then noted Donald Trump’s recent secretive visit to Iraq, adding “today, the US president has to visit Iraq in a secretive and humiliating manner while on board a plane with its lights off, while Iran’s secretary of the Supreme National Security Council traveled to Afghanistan on the same day and had over 10 meetings that were widely covered by the media.”

The Iranian general then referred to some Arab countries’ move to reopen their embassies in Syria, saying “those Arab countries, which used to say that they’d refuse to be in Syria as long as Bashar Assad is in office, are now begging to go back to Syria.”