Exhibition at a religious center in Azna

Organized by Habilian Association, “US state terrorism” exhibition was hosted by a religious center in Azna city of Lorestan province. A number of city officials and families of war veterans and martyrs were among the visitors of the exhibition.

Details on different aspects of US state terrorism were presented before the eyes of visitors which included: An introduction to US government’s structure, United States’ cultural elements and imperialistic ideas promoted by the US founders, an introduction to some US think tanks that influence the US foreign policy, US’s military intervention from the early years of World War I to the first decade of 21st century, wars that were ignited by lies, 9/11 and US invasion of Iraq under the pretense of war on terror, violation of US citizens’ rights and spying on them with the excuse of National Security and counter terrorism, export of terrorism and US government’s terrorist acts against Iran.

At the end, some Habilian products including books, bulletins and multimedia software products were provided to the visitors.