The necessity of consensus against terrorism

No free man would ever enjoy killing other human beings. Killing innocent people is condemned. So, in this very beginning of speech, terrorist acts in Paris are condemned. People of Paris and the families of the victims should be sympathized and consoled. This is our first word.

But is this the first time that a terrorist group is killing innocent people in bombing or suicide acts? So why has the Paris event become so shocking? In the first hours and days after the event, almost no president has failed to express his sympathies and condolences to the president of Paris and Parisians.

The president of America, the Prime Minister of Britain, the chancellor of Germany, all and all have condemned this event ruefully and angrily and the president of Iran also sent his message of sympathy and consolations and that is of course a good act, no doubt about it. From the start we said, this shame can be eradicated in no way and if there is anybody feeling happy for the event, his humanity is lost. But there is a complaint, actually that is the complaint of us, people from the Middle East or the developing countries or as they say Third Worldists; our complaint is that we acknowledge you not only as human beings but also we feel sorrow for your suffering; even some gather around your embassies and whatever their intention, they light candles and even shed some tears. But what do you think of us? Exactly in the like event in Beirut, the bride of the Middle East, the same terrorist act occurred in one of the most innocent and the most deprived districts of the city, a district in the south inhabited by the Shiites, wouldn’t it be etiquette that you civilized people light some candles for them also? How many people in the streets of Baghdad, Karachi, Beirut, Sanaa, Ghadit, etc., have been killed in recent years by the same God-forsaken group that now has become a state for itself?

Why should all the flags be half displayed and all should wear black when an American or a European is killed, kidnapped or terrorized? Why should the UN hold a meeting, and statement after statement, reaction after reaction?... and when lots of people get killed by this group or the same such groups that God knows from where they have sprung, why no emotion arises? What is the difference betweem these innocent people? To evaluate democracy tolerance in such countries, it would be useful to take a glance at the migration crisis and the post-event in Paris. The same civilized Europe that regards Muslim and Eastern communities belated, immoral, and anti-democracy, could not bear to accept more than 800 thousand migrants into their own borders. Right now, extreme safeguarding and blocking borders, making wires, and etc., have led to conditions impairing for the correlation of countries who are members of Schengen and even Germany which has been welcoming more than others for humanitarian reasons is now forced to sit back; what is interesting is that the same countries have always accused Iran, which has been receptive of more than 2 million migrants, for not observing rights of migrants and violating human rights!

After the Paris event, in these days the city has turned into a big garrison. Extra strict rules are enacted and such catch and locks are going on that nobody has ever seen so far and this has led to the disaffection of the masses. Those gentlemen and politicians who have had a secret hand in the whole affair and have prescribed for the crisis-ridden Middle East from afar curse the earth and sky so angrily now that only a spark of the fire has slightly touched them; they give ultimatums but ruefully they are not honest even with their own people. If they were true, they would not have turned fighting terrorism into a joke or a game, and would have acted seriously for real uprooting and eradicating the seeds of this disaster. Time and again, we have said the origins of such activities are Takfiri and Salafi thoughts. Its roots are not in Assad regime, or in Shiite-Sunni disputes, or in any sect-based controversy. If you would like to sit still and watch Muslim or Shiite massacre and go ahead with your Islamophobia project, one day the flames of this will also take you yourself. So pay due attention to the roots of this crisis and real elimination of terrorism before you lose time. Pay attention to this line of thinking that one will go to heaven if he fastens some bomb and explosive to himself and kill himself along with some others who are innocent, but are to him pagans, whether Muslims or Christians. The thought that the more he kills, the more trees will be given to him in the heaven. Pay attention to this way of thinking that regards, against the compassionate religion of Islam, killing innocent people as meritorious, and despite the fatwas of the wise and open-minded scholars of Sunni who take Shi’ism as a formal and respectful sect of Islam, calls the followers of Ahle Bayt as Rafidhi and pagans. And unfortunately some of the leaders of some countries that publicize and support financially the same corrupt thoughts are allies of American and European officials. You were aware of these roots and are familiar with them but treated terrorism with hypocrisy and politics and thought “whoever is killed, the benefits go to the colonial and the capital”. But now you see you were wrong. Still you have time; for saving yourselves set aside your hypocrisies and believe us as your sympathizers. No Muslim and no Iranian has ever felt happy about the Paris event, and won’t. Our culture, religion and values have no affinity with terrorism. Now that you have felt the terror, let’s take each other’s hands in destroying savage and illogical terrorism which has grown up due to the ignorance of dishonest leaders and politicians and servants of Capitalism; and away from all discriminations, differences and regardless of skin, race, religion or nationality, let’s condemn terrorism in any guise and uproot injustice, brutality, and ambition. Although it is a difficult task, but in order to avoid another World War, this common understanding and act is needed. One of the basics of this understanding is to give all human beings their due respects not just those who are blond or live in America or Europe, exactly like us who feel sorry for the Paris event and disapprove it.