Lawmaker: Real war on terror requires a coalition of victims of terrorism

In order for the real war on terrorism to takes place in world, it needs a coalition of the countries who fell victim to this sinister phenomenon, said spokesman for the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Iran's Majlis.

Referring to the importance of holding such conferences as the International Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Vcitims, Seyed Hossein Naqavi Hosseini said “given the Western propaganda campaign against Iran which portrays it as a state sponsor of terrorism and the charges leveled against this country, we have to use our local and overseas media to send out this message to the world that not only Iran is not the sponsor of terrorism but it is one of the major victims of terrorism in the region and the world.”

He also pointed to the 17000 Iranian terror victims and said, “Iran’s combat against all types of terrorism has proven the groundlessness of the western claims against our country and shows that they have to be held accountable for the crimes committed against Iran.”

Naqavi-Hosseini also made a reference to the spread of terrorism around the world and the region and said western countries adopt double standards on fighting terrorism and dichotomize the phenomenon into “good terrorism” and “bad terrorism”.

“On the one hand, US claims to be at war with terrorism and violent extremism and on the other hand provides these terrorists in Iraq with military equipment and supplies via its aircrafts.”

The evil phenomenon of terrorism bolstered by the western and some regional countries’ support now threatens all the communities even western countries and the world peace in general. “That is why all the countries should be committed to take action against this threat.”

Iranian lawmaker finally concluded that by holding the Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims “we’ll tell all the freedom loving people around the world that take a look at what the US and Zionist-backed terrorists have done to our nuclear scientists with their medieval savagery!” “We remember the nuclear scientists and continue their path with full devotion.”