Two CIA-funded ‘cults’ team up in Middle East

WMR’s sources in Turkey and Iran are confirming that links have been established between the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the Iranian exiled terrorist group Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) through Central Intelligence Agency and Israeli Mossad interlocutors.

There have reportedly been personal contacts between the husband-and-wife leadership of the MEK, Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, and the senior leadership of ISIL. These contacts have been authorized by ISIl’s self-proclaimed “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. ISIL and the MEK have also jointly approached the Baluchi terrorist group Jundallah, which operates in western Pakistan, on conducting joint terrorist operations against Iran. These contacts have been facilitated by Saudi Arabia, the CIA, and Mossad.

MEK paramilitary units continue to be based at Camp Liberty, also known as Camp Hurriya, to the west of Baghdad where they are protected by CIA contractor personnel. Iranian intelligence is aware of contacts between the MEK and ISIL units fighting in the western environs of Baghdad and in some cases has witnessed MEK and ISIL guerrillas and CIA contractors involved in joint operations against Iraqi army personnel.

The CIA-supported MEK has been described as a “cult” by members who managed to escape its control. There were credible reports from witnesses concerning torture by the MEK of its 3,000 members at Camp Liberty. MEK members were moved to Camp Liberty by the United States from the group’s former Iraqi base at Camp Ashraf. Named after Massoud Rajavi’s first wife, Camp Ashraf was supported by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

ISIL has, too, been deemed a non-Islamic “cult” by a number of Middle Eastern intelligence services who cite the large number of French Jews who have joined the organization. On October 14, Ha’aretz reported the following: “There are a number of Jews among the more than 1,000 French citizens who have joined the Islamic State, a French government official told Israel’s Channel 2 news.” ISIL has also attracted Buddhists from Japan, Hindus from India, Catholics from Italy, and Protestants from Canada and Australia as recruits. Some of them are recent so-called “converts” to Islam while others have not converted.

Both the MEK and ISIL hold dissident members hostage against their will. The MEK, like ISIL, has received training, weapons, and funding from the Mossad.

The Israel Lobby in the U.S. has arranged for its many political supporters, including former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, former Obama National Security Adviser General James Jones, former New Jersey Senator Robert Torricelli, former CIA directors James Woolsey and Porter Goss, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN John Bolton, and Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz, to publicly support the terrorist goals of the MEK.

In 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton de-listed the MEK as a foreign terrorist organization and permitted the group to re-open its office in Washington, DC. The MEK office in the National Press Building was originally closed by the Bush administration in 2003.

The current MEK-ISIL alliance makes all the aforementioned political notables aiders and abetters of ISIL operations in Iraq, Syria, and, reportedly, operations inside Iran with the assistance of MEK units.