‘ISIL wild dog fed by US, Israel’

American political analyst and author said the most important duty of the whole world is to remind repeatedly that ISIL terrorists are the product of American, Israeli and Western policy and money.

“I think the most important thing that Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and every country should keep in their mind is defeating ISIL and it should be reminded constantly to the world that those terrorists are the product of American and Israeli and western training and money,” Mark Glenn told Mehr News.

“The American people need to be reminded: 'You paid for that, we did this,' so that it becomes such a huge embarrassment for America,” Mark Glenn added. “America was confronting these terrorists whom it is still funding, we say we are fighting them, but we’re still funding them.”

“We fund them so that we can fight them, to have an excuse to get closer and closer to the Basher Al-Assad regime, which is the real goal, is to cut their life vein between Iran and Hezbollah. Syria is the door way for that. So that’s what this is all about. When I think that strategically the most important thing is to constantly remind people of it that the wild dog is being fed by them.”

Asked if Israel might do something in the region to somehow fight against Iran, Glenn said, “Well, I don’t think Israel would launch a war against Iran, because Iran is too big and too powerful, and Hezbollah proved it back in 2006. And it was a humiliating defeat for Israel so imagine what Iran would do, if Israel does anything.”

“She is going to set up a situation where the United States and other western countries and Iran are going at it. Attacking an American ship and blaming it on Iran, attack the American installation across the Persian Gulf, blame it on Iran, shoot down an American plane, attacking his ISIL fighters, blame it on Iran, and what makes the situation more dangerous, is the fact that Russia now is a player on this, Russia has drawn the lines and has said we would not tolerate America doing these things, and so this can get out of hand very quickly to very dangerous situation we all face right now.”